Live Ledge #240: New Releases

It's that time of the month!
Oh shut up. This has nothing to do with periods. It's the first Friday of May, which means it's a night of nothing but new releases. This past month was so fantastic that I had to cut over 20 songs, and I still went 25 minutes over my scheduled time!
It's a varied show featuring the return of Americana greats (Jayhawks, John Doe), power pop (Forty Nineteens, Guided By Voices), garage rock (Tracy Bryant, The Coathangers), and even some good friends from Germany (Torpedohead) that were nice enough to record a promo for me. Thanks so much! There's also a little chatter about my experiences at the Paul McCartney show last Monday night.
As always, grab this from the usual sources, including Stitcher and iTunes. And don't forget to buy some of these albums if you enjoy the show!


1. ??? Mystery Cover ???
2. The Jayhawks, The Dust Of Long-Dead Stars
3. Ryan Adams, Petal in a Rainstorm (Outtake)
4. Sturgill Simpson, Call To Arms
5. John Doe, Get On Board
6. John Doe, Go Baby Go
7. Parquet Courts, Outside
8. Parquet Courts, Paraphrased
9. The Forty Nineteens, 383 Dodge Charger
10. The Forty Nineteens, Get Myself a Selfie
11. Guided By Voices, Kid on a Ladder
12. Guided By Voices, Glittering Parliaments
13. Car Seat Headrest, Destroyed By Hippie Powers
14. Car Seat Headrest, 1937 State Park
15. Tracy Bryant, Subterran
16. Tracy Bryant, Shining
17. Kyle Craft, Pentecost
18. Wax Witches, Habit
19. Wax Witches, Closer To The Lord
20. Levitation Room, Lazy Lawrence
21. Thee Mightees, Pop Culture Icon Eyes
22. Tenement, Taking Everything
23. Mean Jeans, 2 Far out 4 Me
24. Torpedohead, Get Off My Back
25. Torpedohead, Angel City
26. The BellRays, Dream Police
27. Glenn Robinson, Betamaximum Sentence (feat. Kurt Baker)
28. PJ Harvey, The Community Of Hope
29. White Lung, Kiss Me When I Bleed
30. The Coathangers, Make It Right N
31. The Coathangers, Nosebleed Weekend
32. The Girls!, Meet Me By The Pool
33. The Girls!, All For You
34. Bruiser Queen, Rise and Fall
35. Bruiser Queen, Black Coats White Fear
36. Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds, Ricky Ticky Tocky
37. Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds, We Love You
38. Music Band, 5th Street
39. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Evil Death Roll
40. Wire, Nocturnal Koreans


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