Live Ledge #241: Compilations

Over the past few months, there have been a number of great compilation releases. There's usually a place for samples of these albums in my monthly "new release" episodes, but quite frankly there hasn't been room for inclusion.
So tonight features sets devoted to a good mix of these types. There's a couple of sets from the new box set of 80's British psychedelia, "Another Splash of Colour". There's odes of great guitar-punk from the 60's and 70's from the latest "Punk 45" and "Last of the Punk Rock Unknowns" series. Swami Records enters the mix with their "Hardcore Matinee" "mix tape", and there's plenty of gems from a 2007 Fleshtones tribute album, "Vindicated".
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1. Captain Sensible, The 4 Marys Go Go Dance All Night at the Groovy Cellar
2. The Soft Boys, The Only the Stones Remain
3. Robyn Hitchcock, It's a Mystic Trip
4. Kimberley Rew, Stomping All Over the World AS 0
5. The Blue Orchids, Work
6. The Barracudas, Inside Mind
7. The Prisoners, Reaching My Head
8. The Green Telescope, Two by Two
9. The Delmontes, Don't Cry Your Tears
10. The Thunderbirds, Hey Little Girl
11. The Kinetics, You're Gonna Miws Me
12. Caesar & His Romans, Black Lantern
13. The Ebb Tides, Little Women
14. Caedman and the Nobles, More Than a Kiss
15. The Druids, Too Shy
16. The Night Crawlers, Let's Move
17. The Esquires, You Got Another Thing Comin'
18. The Weirdos, A Life Of Crime  
19. Black Randy & The Metrosquad, Trouble at the Cup
20. The Hollywood Squares, Hollywood Square
21. The Deadbeats, Final Ride
22. Hot Snakes, Stay In School
23. The Sultans, Hardcore Matinee
24. The Widows, Cut Yr Teeth
25. The Heartaches, Purple Hearted Mind
26. The Loons, Transparent Eyes
27. The Woggles, The Theme From "The Vindicators"
28. Hoodoo Gurus, Pickin' Pickin'
29. The Insomniacs, I Wanna Feel Somthing Now
30. The Psychotones, Hitsburg U.S.A.
31. The Nomads, American Beat'07
32. The Slickee Boys, Headlock On My Heart
33. The Turpentines, The Girl From Baltimore
34. The Hate Boys, The Dreg
35. Julian Casablancas, Run Run Run


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