Live Ledge #252: New Releases

Some new release episodes are better than others. That's pretty obvious, and not a slam on those that don't quite hit the top of my podcast library charts. It's all about what has just come out, and what is about to be released, and this month is one of the best "new release" episodes ever!
That's easy to say, of course, when it includes material from the upcoming Lydia Loveless album, "Real". Tonight's show features a couple of tunes from the August 19 release, and on that day Lydia will appear on this show to discuss the album and the Gorman Bechard documentary, "Who Is Lydia Loveless?"

Besides Lydia, there's also brand new music by Drive-By Truckers, Beach Slang, D Generation, the Descendents, and lot and lots of other fabulous artists. Grab this via the usual sources, including iTunes and Stitcher, or...


1. The Tweeds, I Need That Record
2. Lydia Loveless, Longer
3. Lydia Loveless, Midwestern Guys
4. Lydia Loveless, Bilbao
5. Drive-By Truckers, What It Means
6. Beach Slang, Punks in a Disco Bar
7. D Generation, Lonely Ones
8. D Generation, Hatful of Ran
9. Dinosaur Jr., Goin Down
10. Dinosaur Jr., Tiny
11. Connections, Month 2 Month
12. Skating Polly, Alabama Movies
13. Cheena, Cry For Help
14. Dog Party, Rebel Girl
15. Leggy, Grrrls Like Us
16. Descendents, Feel This
17. Descendents, Victim of Me
18. Descendents, No Fat Burger
19. The Adolescents, Escape From Planet Fuck
20. The Adolescents, Unhappy Hour
21. Dolly Mixture, How Come You're Such a Hit With the Boys Jane?
22. Dawn Chorus & The Blue Tits, Teenage Kicks
23. The Delmonas, Woa' Now
24. The Kamikaze Sex Pilots, Sharon's Been Deflowered and Defoliated
25. Dyke Drama, I Just Wanted To See You So Bad
26. Basketball Shorts, Romo to Dez
27. Bad Vision, Very Melbourne
28. The Meteors, No Rest for the Wicked
29. Steve Adamyk, Band Carry On
30. Meat Market, Hole
31. Frankie And The Witch Fingers, Get Down
32. Thee Oh Sees, Plastic Plant
33. Andre Williams, Hall of Fame


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