Live Ledge #255: Random Noise Generator

I've got to be honest here. I was a bit too busy to really come up with a theme, so I let a little machine do the work. This plan started a few weeks ago, as I started to clean up my main iTunes library. Over the course of time, it's become a bit of a mess with multiple versions of the same albums, untagged tunes, and other issues that needed to be addressed. So that's what I've been doing when I've had some spare time, and I realized I have a ton of tunes that I have no recall of what they sound like.

So yesterday I spent some time with iTunes on shuffle. If the resulting choice was acceptable for a Live Ledge broadcast, it was thrown in the queue. Obviously, some of my folk faves didn't find a place, but I really didn't discard that many tunes.

Grab this via the usual sources, including iTunes and Stitcher, or...


1. The Monkees, Listen To The Band
2. Warren Smith, Ubangi Stomp
3. The A-Bones, Just a Little Bit of You
4. Zakary Thaks, I Need You
5. Orbital, Make the Rules
6. The Tyrants, Hard To Get
7. The Velvet Underground, What Goes On
8. The Rolling Stones, Sweet Virginia
9. The Replacements, Lovelines (Alternate Vocal)
10. Alex Chilton, Take Me Home And Make Me Like It
11. Head Candy, Thank You Friends
12. The Pedaljets, The Crossing
13. The Fuzztones, I Never Knew
14. Jesse Malin, Addicted
15. Superchunk, Let It Go
16. Bikini Kill, Ocean Song
17. The Aquadolls, Woah Man
18. The Coathangers, Sex Beat
19. The Milkshakes, I Need Loving
20. Jawbreaker, Wound
21. Gigolo Aunts, Bloom
22. Beat Happening, Pajama Party In A Haunted Hive
23. Teenage Moods, Making Notebooks Full
24. The Infections, Zombi
25. Eddy Current Suppression Ring, I Got a Feeling
26. Bad Brains, Expand Your Soul
27. Bad Religion, Individual
28. Descendents, Hateful Notebook
29. The Buzzcocks, What Ever Happened To?
30. The Fall, Sir William Wray
31. Ramones, Hair of the Dog
32. The Mr T Experience, Kenny Smokes Cloves
33. The Cynics, I Want It All
34. Testors, She's Not Changed
35. Supersuckers, Shut Your Face
36. Meteors, My Life For Thee
37. The God Damn Whores, Trip AM


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