Live Ledge #261: New Releases

Over the course of the time I've hosted this monthly rundown of new music, there are obviously months better than others. There are months where it's almost impossible to create a two hour playlist.

This isn't one of those months. There's a deluge of great music to check out. There are celebrated comebacks (Pixies, Green Day), reissues of former glories (Ramones, Dow Jones & the Industrials), and even surprisingly fabulous tributes to Elliott Smith, Teenage Fanclub, and Husker Du. There's also the return of Todd Snider, who just today put out what could be the album of his career.

That doesn't even include all of the new bands that surprised me with interesting debuts. Milk LInes, High Waisted, The Lasters, and many others are new bands on my radar that I'll have to further investigate.

As always, grab this from your favorite podcast source, including iTunes and Stitcher, or...


1. J Mascis, Waltz #2
2. Teenage Fanclub, Thin Air
3. Car Crash Sisters, Everything Flows
4. Fir Cone Children, The Concept
5. The Skating Party, Metal Baby
6. Todd Snider, Hey Pretty Boy
7. Todd Snider, 37206
8. Todd Snider, Ways And Means
9. Milk Lines, Domesticate
10. Bloodshot Bill & Shannon Shaw, Honey Time
11. The Dustaphonics, You Don't Love Me Anymore
12. High Waisted, Party in the Back
13. Never, Makes No Sense At All
14. Monographic, Sorry Somehow
15. Dirty Sidewalks, The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
16. Teenage Sin Taste, Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely
17. Beach Slang, Younger Us (Japandroids)
18. Beach Slang, Punks In A Disco Bar
19. Beach Slang, Young Hearts
20. Low Culture, Comfort Zones
21. Natural Child, Sure Is Nice
22. Danny & The Darleans, Outta My Way
23. The Growlers, Dope on a Rope
24. The Lasters, The Lasters Feel Inadequate
25. Pixies, Head Carrier
26. Pixies, Oona
27. Pansy Division, Halfway to Nowhere
28. Tyrannamen, I Don't Want to Go to Jail
29. Green Day, Revolution Radio
30. Green Day, Bouncing Off The Wall
31. Ramones, I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (demo)
32. Dow Jones and the Industrials, It Ain't Good Enough
33. Dow Jones and the Industrials, Can't Stand the Midwest
34. The International Swingers, Gun Control
35. Baby Strange, Nude


Anonymous said…
Ahn, these important Years ! Thank You for the Brazilian Dü Show...

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