Live Ledge #262: Trump Nose Candy

Let's start with the obligatory disclaimer. The title and contents of tonight's show is not accusatory. It's not partisan. It's just this silly online radio DJ taking today's headlines and utilizing it to create a playlist.

To be honest, I didn't watch either debate. I made up my mind months ago, and that's my decision and nobody else's. I don't participate in the daily mudslinging or futile half-truth sharing. That's why I refrained from viewing these clown car contests. It's bad enough enduring it on twitter and Facebook.

But I was getting a good laugh out of everybody making cocaine jokes due to Trump's sniffing problems on both nights. With that in mind, I did a few word searches in my iTunes library, and came up with tonight's cocaine-oriented broadcast.

Yes, this is not a show for the kids. The "explicit" check box is there for a reason, but it's a surprisingly strong set of tracks that range from depression-era country to modern garage-punk.

Grab this from the usual sources, including iTunes and Stitcher, or...

1. East River Pipe, When You Were Doing Cocaine  
2. Kentucky Ramblers, Good Cocaine (Mama Don't Allow It) 
3. Keith Richards, Cocaine 
4. Elvis Presley, Drugs Dialogue 
5. Soul Asylum, Cocaine Blues 
6. Eddie Spaghetti, Cocaine Blues 
7. Eric Ambel & The Roscoe Trio, Cocaine Eyes 
8. The Del Lords, When the Drugs Kick In 
9. The Fleshtones, High On Drugs 
10. Blake Babies, Swill And The Cocaine Sluts 
11. Electric Frankenstein, Cocaine Blues  
12. Reverend Horton Heat, Bales Of Cocaine 
13. Nashville Pussy, Hooray for Cocaine Hooray for Tennessee 
14. Black Lips, Drugs 
15. The Replacements, Dope Smokin Moron  
16. Static Taxi, Cocaine Couples  
17. Dogmatics, Teenager On Drugs 
18. FIDLAR, Cocaine  
19. The Mekons, Cocaine Lil 
20. Mark Lanegan, When It's In You (Methamphetamine Blues)  
21. Derek Lyn Plastic, Methamphetamines  
22. Sleeping Beauties, Meth 
23. Ravi Shavi, Amphetamine 
24. Two Cow Garage, Amphetamine 
25. Strutter Motherfuckers, Gimmie Some Coke 
26. Dwarves, Free Cocaine (Toolin') 
27. Flash Boys, Cocaine Babble
28. Supersuckers, I Want The Drugs  
29. The Clash, Drug-Stabbing Time  
30. Seawhores, Bath Salts
31. Jason & The Scorchers, Drugstore Truck Drivin' Man 
32. White Fang, Drugs I've Taken  
33. Sleeping Beauties, Addicted to Drugs 
34. Low Culture, Pills 
35. Yung, Pills 
36. White Reaper, Pills
37. Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians, Tell Me About Your Drugs 


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