Live Ledge #320: New Releases

There's definitely a correlation between great new music and my attitude. When that correlation exists, you can also expect a supersized edition of my monthly First Friday New Release episode.

2018 is starting off every bit as strong as 2017. Not only is the Ty Segall record looking to compete for the top spot of the year, but my good friend Rich Show has put out what is possibly the best Sioux Falls record of all time. Last month I played a few songs from "That Was the Future, This Is the Past". I played another set of tracks from that package again this month, but this time it's culled from the 19 digital-only bonus tracks. Yes, the 22 songs on the basic double album set is accompanied by almost another double album worth of material.

Honestly, though, not everything is truly a "new release". Many aired tracks actually date back to 2017. I'm just a bit slow in discovering them, and I'm sorry I missed the initial release of bands such as Tom Baker and the Snakes or The Whiffs. There's also a ton of brand new bands, including Sweden's The Spice Boys (love that name), The Exbats, and The Salad Boys. I'm also pleased to include to a couple of artist submissions. Falling Stars and the Denver Meatpacking Company definitely fit the Live Ledge format, and I'm so grateful they sent me their latest records. If you want to submit material for Live Ledge, contact me at paulisded at gmail dot com.

As always, grab this via the usual online sources, such as iTunes or Stitcher, or...


1. Marc With a C, Terribly Popular
2. Rich Show, Still Got Notthing Left 
3. Rich Show, Running Out
4. Rich Show, Luv Ya Honey
5. Rich Show, Rumors Burial
6. Ruby Boots, It's So Cruel
7. Catzilla, Strut Miss Lizzy 
8. Bat Fangs, Turn It Up
9. Amyl And The Sniffers, I'm Not A Loser
10. The Toxenes, Hot Rod
11. The Toxenes, Caveman
12. The Dirty Truckers, Can't Hardly Wait 
13. The Dirty Truckers, Hardcore Troubadour
14. The Dirty Truckers, Off The Hook 
15. Tom Baker and the Snakes, Gotta Find Her
16. The Whiffs, Forget Your Name
17. The Number Ones, Lie To Me
18. The Galileo 7, Too Much Choice
19. Salad Boys, Psych Slasher
20. No Age, Cruise Control
21. Ty Segall, Fanny Dog
22. Ty Segall, When Mommy Kills You
23. Ty Segall, Shoot You Up
24. Falling Stars, Down And Out In Ohio
25. Denver Meatpacking Company, Warning Shot 
26. Unlikely Friends, Fifteen Rounds
27. Spice Boys, Spice City Boys
28. Spice Boys, I Don't Get Around
29. Watts, All Done With Rock n Roll
30. The Moms, Good Job
31. Mind Spiders, Outside
32. Ron Gallo, Really Nice Guys
33. Ron Gallo, YouTubular
34. William Shatner, Garbageman
35. Nobunny, Surfin Bird 
36. Shonen Knife, Eat It
37. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Science Fiction/Double Feature
38. The Dead Milkmen, Lydia The Tattooed Lady
39. Caroline & The Treats, Me and My Vibrator
40. Weird Al Yankovic, Beat on the Brat
41. The Exbats, Kill Yr Boyfriend


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