Live Ledge #322: Comebacks

One of the greatest aspects of the last few years has the been the reemergence of a number of great bands. Many artists have either released their best record in years and years, or they've reunited to create something that stands proudly next to their previous releases.

How is this possible? I have a theory. With the record industry falling apart, musicians of the types of music featured on Live Ledge are no longer under the thumbs or label heads, marketing managers, or producers who believe they're more important than the band. Knowing it's unlikely to top the Billboard charts, bands and songwriters are now doing exactly what they want. They're not jumping on trends. They're not spending millions to get a perfect drum sound. They're spending less time in the studio, opting instead to just bash them out and get on the road.

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1. Die Toten Hosen, Teenage Kicks
2. Ray Davies, Poetry
3. John Wesley Harding, Better Tell No One Your Dreams
4. The Jayhawks, The Dust Of Long-Dead Stars
5. Amy Rigby, From Philiproth At Gmail To Rzimmerman At Aol
6. Amy Rigby, Playing Pittsburgh 
7. Wreckless Eric, Several Shades of Green
8. Wreckless Eric, Boy Band
9. Bash & Pop, Anything Could Happen
10. Bash & Pop, On The Rocks
11. The I Don't Cares, Born For Me 
12. The I Don't Cares, Done Done Done
13. D Generation, Hatful of Ran
14. D Generation, Lonely Ones 
15. Jesse Malin, Turn Up the Mains
16. Jesse Malin, Oh Sheena
17. Superchunk, What A Time To Be Alive
18. Superchunk, Break The Glass 
19. Descendents, Victim of Me 
20. Descendents, Without Love 
21. Die Toten Hosen, Alles mit nach Hause
22. Die Toten Hosen, California Ãœber Alles
23. Die Toten Hosen, Lookin' After No. 1
24. Die Toten Hosen, Harmony In My Head 
25. The Professionals, Good Man Down
26. The Professionals, New Generation
27. Chelsea, Mission Impossible 
28. Chelsea, Jackie's Got A Gun 
29. The Adicts, Fucked Up World
30. The Adicts, Talking Shit
31. Redd Kross, Pop Show


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