Live Ledge #332: New Releases

As explained last week, this month sees the "new release" episode pushed back a week so that last week's "Record Store Day" playlist could be aired. For this special "second Friday" version, there's once again a plethora of great new music. There's the returns of Holly Golightly, King Tuff, The Buttertones, and The Connection. There are new bands such as Shame, Lucy and the Rats, and The Sueves. And there are a ton of bands that have a few releases but are honestly new to me. It's quite a fun, rocking show, and hopefully will spur you all on to buy some new music!

You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher. Or...


1. Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs, Mule Skinner
2. The Summer Kills, There Is No Tomorrow
3. King Tuff, Raindrop Blue
4. Dusk, The Pain Of Loneliness (Goes On And On)
5. The Coke Dares, Please Say Fuck
6. The Buttertones, Baby C4
7. The Buttertones, Midnight in a Moonless Dream
8. Shame, One Rizla
9. Shame, Gold Hole
10. The Connection, Color Me Unimpressed
11. The Connection, You Know
12. Geoff Palmer, This One's Gonna Be Hot
13. The Longshot, The Last Time
14. The Longshot, Chasing A Ghost
15. Lucy and the Rats, Pills
16. The Damned, Devil In Disguise
17. The Sueves, Dead People's Cars
18. Tommy Jay & The General, Hard Loud & Fast
19. Freak Genes, On The TV
20. Death By Unga Bunga, Soldier
21. Faz Waltz, Julie
22. Cosmic Psychos, Feeling Average
23. The Laissez Fairs, Like Mrs. Peel in Leather
24. Fashionism, Where Have All The Rock N Roll Girls
25. Subsonics, Flesh Colored Paint
26. Subsonics, Too Much Too Many Heartaches
27. Television City, Brenda
28. The Pandoras, It Felt Alright
29. Say Sue Me, Rockaway Beach
30. The DeRellas, Fox on The Run
31. Melvins, I Want to Hold Your Hand
32. Urban Dogs, Cocaine 
33. Louder Than Death, ABCs in Old Berlin


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