Live Ledge #338: 2018 Archive Releases

There was a time when archive types of releases (live albums, expanded editions, greatest hits, etc.) only came out for the Christmas rush. That's not the case anymore. These types of releases come out throughout the year.

We're almost halfway through 2018 so this is a good time to take a look at those that have come out so far. Some were from this past April's Record Store Day, but the vast majority trickled out throughout the last six months.

It's quite a fun listen, and hopefully everybody discovers a track or two they've never heard before! You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher. Or...


1. The Dirty Truckers, Hardcore Troubadour
2. Liz Phair, Gigolo
3. Liz Phair, Fuck and Run
4. Liz Phair, South Dakota 
5. The Coathangers, Tonya Harding
6. The Coathangers, Squeeki Tiki 
7. Wire, Pink Flag (First demo sessions)
8. Wire, Culture Vultures (4th Demo Sessions) 
9. Roxy Music, Virginia Plain (Live)
10. Roxy Music, Re-Make Re-Model (Live)
11. David Bowie, Hang On To Yourself 
12. The Suburbs, Baby Heartbeat
13. The Suburbs, Cows 
14. Soul Asylum, Keep It Up
15. Soul Asylum, Closer to the Stars
16. New York Dolls, Jet Boy
17. New York Dolls, Looking for a Kiss
18. New York Dolls, Seven Day Weekend
19. Johnny Thunders, Dead Or Alive? (Alternate Mix)
20. The Smithereens, Shakin' All Over
21. The Flaming Lips, Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
22. Pete Townshend, The Seeker (2017 Edit)
23. The Who, A Quick One, While He's Away (live at Fillmore East)
24. Real Kids, All Kindsa Girls (Live at the Rat, January 22 1978) 
25. Real Kids, Taxi Boys (November 10 1974 Demo)
26. Urban Dogs, New Barbarians
27. Urban Dogs, I Need a Slave 
28. The Fall, Calendar
29. The Fall, Jungle Rock 
30. X, Johny Hit & Run Paulene


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