Live Ledge #347: New Releases

Although it's not intentional, every month's new release episode sees a record that is highlighted more than the rest. It's quite often a brand new band, although obviously that's not the case when one of my favorites of all time have a new release.

But discovering new bands is the ultimate goal of not only the new release show but Live Ledge in general. I'm constantly on the prowl for my next new favorite band. They may hold that title for only a few weeks, but it says a lot about today's music climate that there are so many great records put out every month.

This month's highlighted band is The Shadracks, who originate from Medway, Kent. According to the website of their label, Damaged Goods, it was a brief encounter in a deserted park land that led to Huddie Shadrack to form a group. Supposedly two rehearsals after finding Elle Meshack, the trio hit the studio to record their fabulous debut album!

The Shadracks are just one of quite a few new finds in this week's playlist, and I hope everybody discovers a band or two they've never heard before! You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher. Or...


1. Spiritualized, On The Sunshine 
2. William Elliott Whitmore, Busted
3. William Elliott Whitmore, Five Feet High and Rising
4. Murder By Death, True Dark
5. Graham Parker, Girl In Need
6. The Hold Steady, Confusion in the Marketplace
7. The Hold Steady, T-Shirt Tux
8. The Molochs, Pages of Your Journal
9. The Molochs, To Kick in a Lover's Door
10. Colleen Green, U Coulda Been An A
11. Colleen Green, Cold Shoulder
12. Swearin', Grow into a Ghost
13. Warm Drag, The Wanderer
14. Geoff Palmer, We Can't Do It
15. Nick Piunti, You Invented Hell 
16. Ethers, Empty Hours
17. Culture Abuse, Dave's Not Here (I Got The Stuff Man)
18. Wild Wing, Sound The Alarm
19. Wild Wing, Decimation 
20. Bass Drum Of Death, Third Coast Dreaming
21. Bass Drum Of Death, Failing Up
22. The Shadracks, When I Can't Remember
23. The Shadracks, Locust Flys Again
24. Giuda, Born Under A Bad Sign 
25. IDLES, Gram Rock 
26. The Primals, Another World to Call Your Own
27. Oh Sees, Enrique El Cobrador 
28. GØGGS, Pre Strike Sweep
29. Swingin' Utters, Undertaker Undertake 
30. Rat Scabies, Chew On You
31. Johnny Seven, Can't Escape Rock N Roll
32. Norfolk Nightmares, She's Underground 
33. This Sporting Life, Wasting My Time


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