Announcing the First Annual Ledge Awards!

Live Ledge listeners know that every year I put together lists of my favorite records of the year. What's not as well known is how much I enjoy reading similar lists from others. What better way is there to discover music that I may have otherwise missed?

Back in the olden days of Tempest Magazine, I used to solicit lists from local friends, musicians, and what few semi-celebrities could be found in my little city. These polls were then turned into my own local version of the Village Voice Pazz and Jop Music Critic's Poll. 

So let's tweak that concept a little bit to create the Ledge Awards! Or should I call it "The Ledgies"? Or how about "The Ledgers"? This is an open invitation to not only listeners of Live Ledge, but all of my music fanatic comrades, including social media pals, real life friends, or even any of the musicians whose tunes have been aired on my show. (If you're in touch with any artists I've featured please reach out to them for their possible contributions.)

Here's all you need to do. Send an email to with your top 5 picks in each of the following categories:

1. Best Album of 2018.
2. Best EP of 2018.
3. Best Song of 2018.
4. Best Reissue of 2018.
5. Best New Artist of 2018.

Let's make December 31 the deadline for an early 2019 airing of the results!


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