Live Ledge #360: New Releases/Rocking Christmas

Even though last week's show went almost a full hour past its normal time there were quite a few unplayed songs left over. The first half of tonight's show empties the folder and includes new tracks by Jeff Tweedy, Art Brut, Matthew Sweet, and awesomely-named Jagger Holly.

The second half comprises some of the better new Christmas tunes released in the last few weeks. The Old 97's and JD McPherson created full albums of newly-created holiday tunes, and they're joined by tunes by The Minus 5, The Monkees, CJ Ramone, and many others. Oh yeah, there's a punk rock version of Jingle Bells by William Shatner and Henry Rollins. Weirdness.

As always, I hope everybody discovers a band or two they've never heard before! You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher.


1. Morrissey, Back On The Chain Gang
2. Jeff Tweedy, Don't Forget
3. Jeff Tweedy, Some Birds
4. Matthew Sweet, Electric Guitar
5. Bill Lloyd, Merch Table
6. Richard Lloyd, Down the Drain
7. The Safes, Universal Heartbeat 
8. Priors, Lonely Mind
9. Art Brut, I Hope You're Very Happy Together
10. The Molds, R.E.M.
11. The Molds, Black Mold
12. Th' Losin' Streaks, (This Band Will Self-Destruct In) T-Minus
13. The Brooms, (The Undefined Eyes of) Dr. Pepper
14. The Reaction, Shapes of Things
15. The Decibels, Big Hits
16. Greg Hoy & The Boys, (Keep Feeling) Caffeination
17. Jagger Holly, Bree Olson 
18. Real Sickies, Very Large Failure
19. Rick Rude, Verb for Dreaming
20. Kinski, Guest Girl Vocalist 
21. Old 97's, Love The Holidays 
22. Old 97's, Gotta Love Being A Kid (Merry Christmas) 
23. JD McPherson, Santa's Got a Mean Machine
24. JD McPherson, Claus Vs. Claus
25. The Minus 5, Christmas In Antarctica 
26. The Monkees, Christmas Party 
27. The Forty Nineteens, It's Christmas Time Again
28. Stop Calling Me Frank, Santa Buy Me A Beer 
29. Say Sue Me, Christmas It's Not a Biggie 
30. The Brotherhood & Co., Run Rudolph Run
31. The Leftists, At Least There's Christmas 
32. Wavves, Emo Christmas
33. The Swaggerlilies, All I Want For Christmas (Is To Be Left Alone)
34. C.J. Ramone, Christmas Lullaby
35. C.J. Ramone, Father Christmas
36. The Murder Birds, Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight) 
37. Goldfinger, 12 Days Of Christmas
38. The Uglies, ...@#&! Up My Whole Christmas (Explicit)
39. William Shatner, Jingle Bells (Punk Rock Version)


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