Live Ledge #389: New Releases

I'm back! Yes, I had to cancel a couple of Live Ledge shows due to a little bb-sized stone that decided to mess with my kidney. Two ER visits and lots of pain meds later, I'm here with another new release episode!

And it's a great collection of brand new tunes. Tons of garage rock and power pop. Some fantastic releases on Rum Bar, Spaghetty Town, and Stardumb. Big names and brand new acts. It's a great summer listen!

Listen and then please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! It's that simple. You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher...or


1. The Replacements, Talent Show (Matt Wallace Mix)
2. Dave Sheinin, The Lies of Summer
3. Supersonics, 69 Automobile
4. Kyle Craft, O! Lucky Hand
5. Violent Femmes, Hotel Last Resort
6. Purple Mountains, Margaritas at the Mall
7. Purple Mountains, That's Just the Way That I Feel
8. Purling Hiss, Useful Information
9. Tijuana Panthers, Path of Totality
10. CTMF, Last Punk Standing
11. The Night Times, Sixty Nine
12. Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents, Resentful
13. Shake Some Action!, Can't Get Her Out of My Mind
14. The Factory Girls, Here We Go!
15. Honey Radar, Cornflake ESP
16. BRAT CURSE, Under The Gun
17. Petite League, New York Girls
18. PAINT FUMES, Heartbreak Reaction
19. Bleached, Daydream
20. Ty Segall, I Sing Them
21. CFM, Sequence
22. Prettiest Eyes, It Cost's to Be Austere
23. Versing, Violeta
24. Dogmatics, Summertime
25. The Laissez Fairs, Phantom Stranger
26. Jordan Jones, Rumors Girls
27. * The Coolies, Uh Oh!
28. The Copyrights, Are You Passionate?
29. Kepi Ghoulie, Four Eyes
30. The Creeps, Group Of Three
31. Lucy and the Rats, Night Comes
32. Even In Blackouts, Intergalactic Space Travel
33. The Windowsill, Most Importantly
34. Hickoids, Brand New Way (Live)


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