Live Ledge #392: Covers

Not long after the last time I did a show of nothing but cover tunes, I started a folder just to collect these kinds of tracks as I discovered them. The plan was that as soon as I acquired enough it was time for a show of these types of tracks.

Well, this is the week that the folder came close to overflowing, thanks to a couple of emails from two of my favorite labels, Slovenly Recordsings and Spaghetty Town Records. So tonight I present to you two hours of revved up tunes originally recorded by the likes of Tom Petty, The Clash, The Replacements, Material Issue, Pretenders, Rockpile, and so much more!

After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! It's that simple. You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher...or


1. J Mascis, Don't Do Me Like That
2. Jesse Dayton, Bankrobber
3. Jesse Dayton, Just What I Needed
4. Unlikely Friends, Hang Up
5. Unlikely Friends, Hillbilly Drummer Girl
6. The Yoohoos, Bizarre Love Triangle
7. Bromide, Dancing Barefoot
8. Pete Yorn, Ever Fallen In Love
9. The Bad Beats, Off The Hook
10. Beach Slang, I Hate Alternative Rock
11. Beach Slang, AAA
12. Yo La Tengo, Unsatisfied
13. Honeychain, Goin' Through Your Purse
14. U.K. Subs, White Light, White Heat
15. U.K. Subs, Search and Destroy
16. Melvins & Shitkid, Tattooed Love Boys
17. CJ Ramone, Crawling from the Wreckage
18. The Peawees, Runaround Sue
19. Genya Ravan, Pump It Up
20. Freeloader, Will It Go Round In Circles
21. Freeloader, Rag Doll
22. Brad Marino, Bye Bye Johnny
23. The Control Freaks, Dowanna Love
24. The Control Freaks, Nobody Wants Me
25. Los Pepes, Action
26. The Shadracks, Walking on My Grave
27. Night Birds, I Need a Torch
28. The Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Baby I Love You
29. Johnny Rocket, Bring It on Home
30. The Bronx, Los Angeles
31. Urochromes, Resist Psychic Death
32. Psychotic Youth, Cynical Girl
33. Model Zero, Mr. Soul
34. Hickoids, Burnin' Luv (Live)


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