Live Ledge #393: PW & Friends

This week's show came about partly thanks to a Juliana Hatfield tweet of an old article about The I Don't Cares, her 2016 collaboration with Paul Westerberg. Remembering how much I was charmed by that record, I spent the afternoon reacquaintancing myself to that release.

Then it suddenly hit me. If I went through all the various names that Paul and the rest of the Replacements had used for their various projects I should be able to fill a full Live Ledge episode. It was actually much easier than I expected. In fact, we even went a few minutes over our usual two hour timeslot.

I also tried to shy away from the obvious tracks. For the Replacements and even the solo Westerberg material I picked mainly some somewhat rare live tracks. Tommy Stinson's set includes a little known Clash cover he did for Uncut Magazine. This show is meant to just be fun and not a representation of the musician's greatest moments, together or solo.

After listening, please go purchase those tracks you enjoy! It's that simple. You can find this show at almost any podcast site, including iTunes and Stitcher...or


1. The Replacements, Achin' To Be (Bearsville Version)
2. The Replacements, September Gurls
3. The Replacements, Another Girl, Another Planet
4. The Replacements, Color Me Impressed
5. Paul Westerberg, (I'd Go) The Whole Wide World
6. Paul Westerberg, Daydream Believer
7. Paul Westerberg, Live Forever
8. Paul Westerberg, AAA
9. Grandpaboy, Psychopharmacology
10. Grandpaboy, MPLS
11. Grandpaboy, Get A Move On
12. The I Don't Cares, Born For Me
13. The I Don't Cares, Love Out Loud
14. The I Don't Cares, Whole Lotta Nothin'
15. Dry Wood Garage, Come Hither
16. Bash & Pop, Satellite
17. Bash & Pop, Never Aim To Please (Alternate Version)
18. Bash & Pop, On The Rocks
19. Perfect, Making Of An Asshole
20. Perfect, Seven Days A Week
21. Perfect, Alternative Monkey
22. Tommy Stinson, Not A Moment Too Soon
23. Tommy Stinson, It's A Drag
24. Tommy Stinson, Hateful
25. Chris Mars, Popular Creeps
26. Chris Mars, Monkey Sees
27. Chris Mars, No Bands
28. Model Prisoners, Bad Attitude
29. Model Prisoners, Juicy Lucy
30. Model Prisoners, Lonely Nights
31. Slim Dunlap, Rockin' Here Tonight
32. Slim Dunlap, Partners In Crime
33. Slim Dunlap, Not Yet/Ain't No Fair (In A Rock 'N' Roll Love Affair)
34. Bob Dunlap, Loud Loud Loud Loud Guitars


Day Dream Believer said…
Great Show. Great collection of covers and songs. Long live PW & Friends. Long Live Scott Hudson Rant-a-Bit.

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