The Ledge #538: New Releases (Pt. 1)

First off, my apologies for no show last week. We had a little issue with our servers so it was impossible to do a show. But we are back this week with our monthly new release episode. Actually it's the first part of a two part series, and this episode consists of primarily tracks submitted by bands and labels. So please listen to my weekly plea to purchase anything you enjoy during ths show, and let them know that you heard it on The Ledge! (Hmmm, somebody should remake that old ZZ Top song and replace "The Z" with "The Ledge"!)

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2. Cold Expectations, Hey Compromise

3. Rich Mattson & The Northstars, Trepidation

4. Neutrals, Gary Borthwick Says

5. Green/Blue, Worry

6. Green/Blue, Gimme Hell

7. More Kicks, Colour Me Stupefied

8. More Kicks, In Love

9. Lorne Behrman, Love Stumbles By

10. Scruff Myers' Superhands, Kissing for Granted

11. Ace of Spit, Apollo Bay

12. Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin, A Rocket Ship to You

13. Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin, Richard Jewell

14. The Candy Snatchers, Shame Shivers

15. The Candy Snatchers, Must Be The Cocaine (Trash Brats cover)

16. Hayley And The Crushers, Taboo

17. Hayley And The Crushers, California Sober

18. Geoff Palmer, Commotion in the Ocean

19. Geoff Palmer, The Crusher

20. Brad Marino, Freakshow

21. Brad Marino, Brain Gone Dead

22. The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, Know Your Product

23. The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, More Fun

24. The Short Fuses, Livin' Dead

25. Holly Beth Vincent, Smash

26. The Downhauls, Convenient Friend

27. Stars Like Ours, High

28. Pavid Vermin, Mouthbreather

29. The Laissez Faird, Forgotten

30. The Young Hasselhoffs, Ms Penny Mitchell

31. Ruin The Nite, Sang To Me

32. Ditches, Lost In Time

33. Ditches, Abra Cadaver (The Hives)

34. Drakulas, Shame

35. Drakulas, Three Sisters

36. The Babylonz, BABBLE WITH YOU


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