The Ledge #605: New Releases Pt. 1

Once again the music gods have bestowed so much great new tracks that the monthly new release show must be expanded into two episodes. That is a great sign for 2024, and especially so because not only is there quality and quantity, but there's a great mix of classic artists and brand new acts. There's 18 year old Owen Adamcik's plan for a new EP every month this year. There are Ledge "friends" such as Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin's monthly single and a new tune by local legends Thought Patrol. There's the return of veterans The Smoggers and Rubber City Rebels. Plus surprisingly great new tracks by the liks of J. Mascis, Green Day, and Superchunk.

And to kick things off is a late submission for last year's "52 weeks of Teenage Kicks" series. Two weeks ago Thee Volatiles, "thee best punk rock band in all of Montclair NJ!" sent me their version, and I couldn't be more thrilled! In fact, I will always accept new covers of the tune. So if you were considering it last year, please go ahead and do it and I'll guarantee to open my next show with it!


1. Thee Volatiles - Teenage Kicks

2. Thought Patrol - Check the Truth

3. Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin - Hey You (We're Sick of You)

4. The Jack Rubies - Angeline Soul

5. Paul Mojo And The Black Kat Bones - I Still Miss Johnny Cash

6. Finnoguns Wake - So Nice

7. The Frigidaires - Roller Skating Queen

8. Canyons And Locusts - Soo All The Way

9. Collin Wolf - Turned To Hubris

10. Superchunk - Everybody Dies

11. Superchunk - As In A Blender

12. The Lemonheads - Seven Out

13. Arcwelder - Lafayette

14. J Mascis - Old Friends

15. J Mascis - Can’t Believe We're Here

16. Green Day - Corvette Summer

17. Green Day - 1981

18. BRAD MARINO - Theodora


20. Owen Adamcik - Don't Call On The Phone

21. Owen Adamcik - What I'm All About

22. Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders - All Down The Line

23. Guerrilla Teens - Rip This Joint

24. Acumen - Surprise, Surprise

25. Medicine - She Said She Said

26. The Beatersband - Danny Says

27. Mala Vista - In The Dark

28. The Get Alongs - Funny How

29. Smug Brothers - Enceladus Lexicon

30. Wisconsin Anger Team - Tell The World

31. The Smoggers - Don't Try To Help Me Anymore

32. The Smoggers - My Last Rock'n'Roll

33. River City Rebels - Pop Culture Baby

34. Robbie Quine - Women Who Ride With Wolves

35. Rick N The Sickos - I'm A Sicko


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