The Ledge #606: New Releases Pt. 2

This may be the second part of this month's new release series, but there is no letdown in quality. Once again, there's an intriguing mix of styles, ages, and even home locations. There are brand new acclaimed artists such as Liquid Mike and Sprints. There's the returns of veterans such as Paul Collins, J. Robbins, and Sham 69. There's also the usual trademark of quality from our friends at Slovenly Records and Rum Bar Records.

Most intriguing to me, is the story behind "Get the Experience" by The Ex-Bombers. Band members Keri Cousins and S.M. Nancy Walus are "rasslin'" fans, just as I am. Many of their late night drives after gigs have found them listening to legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette's podcast, Jim Cornette Experience. Hearing that he was looking for a new theme song, the band quickly put together "Get the Experience", and just this week they were informed that the song is now the official theme song of the show! Thanks to the band for not only sending me a copy of the song to air, but including a little interview segment telling the story.

And once again, even thought the "52 Weeks of Teenage Kicks" series is officially over, I received yet another new submission. Numb Surprise is a two piece post-punk band from the Midlands in England that formed in 2023. Their new album, Introspect, was recently released and I'm so pleased they sent in their "Teenage Kicks" cover. Hey, I'll keep the series going on an informal basis if I keep receiving new versions!


1. Numb Surprise - Teenage Kicks

2. The Ex-Bombers - Get the Experience

3. David Nance - Mock the Hours

4. Jim Basnight - We Rocked and Rolled

5. Wilderhoney / The Wild Honey Collective - Ain't My House Anymore

6. Lorne Behrman - Blue Eyes Gone Green

7. Lorne Behrman - Meet Me On The Moon

8. Liquid Mike - Drinking and Driving

9. Liquid Mike - USPS

10. Paul Collins Beat - I'm the Only One for You

11. The Weeklings - Like We Used To Do

12. The Umbrellas - Toe The Line

13. O-D-EX - Ley Line

14. WiMP! - Nowhere To Go

15. The Mochines - Post Pop Crash Depression

16. Diablogato - Blasphemy

17. The Glimmer Stars - One Glorious Moment

18. Tim McCoy - Runway Scars

19. Jittery Jack with Amy Griffin on Guitar - Avid Indoorsman

20. Loose Articles - I’d Rather Have A Beer

21. Sprints - Adore Adore Adore

22. KRYYE - Sanda Duval

23. Sleater-Kinney - Needlessly Wild

24. Ty Segall - Eggman

25. Ty Segall - My Room

26. The Trouble Seekers - Not like U

27. The Dee Thees - Crash

28. J. Robbins - Exquisite Corpse

29. Sham 69 - Wasted

30. Jonesy - Gudbuy

31. Speedfossil - Sweetheart

32. The Cavemen - Without You

33. TH' LOSIN STREAKS - Me 'n' Z

34. CULT FIGURES - Mr Producer

35. Svenssen - Falling Out Of Fashion

36. Joecephus and The George Jonestown Massacre - Ramblin’ Rose


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