The Ledge #607: Love Stinks

Anti-love songs is a rock and roll specialty. From the very beginning of the genre, writers with a poison pen have created a plethora of material that is not exactly Hallmark card material. Tonight's show celebrates tracks of this time, highlighted by a number of more recent tracks of that sort. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for oldies, as there are garage rockers from the 60s, power pop from the 70s, and some good ol' alternative rockers from the 80s. And, of course, it's also an opportunity for an extended set from the greatest self-loathing rockers, The Replacements. I mean, come on, you can't have a show of this sort without "Valentine".


1. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - Love Stinks

2. The Replacements - Valentine 

3. The Replacements - Love You Till Friday 

4. The Replacements - Favorite Thing

5. The Replacements - I'm Not Sayin'

6. The Replacements - If Only You Were Lonely 

7. Paul Westerberg - Down Love

8. Lydia Loveless - To Love Somebody

9. Lydia Loveless - Alison

10. Lorne Behrman - Love in Desperate Times

11. Freddie Dilevi - Damned Love

12. The Starfires - I Never Loved Her

13. The Outcasts - I Didn't Have To Love Her Anymore

14. Mozzy Dee - Love Loves To Hurt Me

15. The Gypsy Moths - Don't Let The Love Songs Fool You

16. CTMF - Love Comes in Spurts

17. Ism - I Think I Love You

18. Pernice Brothers - Love My Way

19. Soul Asylum - Love Will Tear Us Apart

20. Dash Rip Rock - True Drunk Love

21. Personal and the Pizzas - $7.99 for Love

22. Gentlemen Rogues - Mocking Love Out of Nothing at All

23. Crocodiles - Love Beyond The Grave

24. Sloppy Heads - Love Is a Disease

25. Gonads - I Lost My Love To A UK Sub

26. Griswalds - Psychobilly Love Affair

27. The Dwarves - We Will Dare

28. Thee Headcoats - I Can Destroy All Your Love

29. Last - I Don't Wanna Be In Love

30. Pushups - Love That Girl

31. The Innocents - One Way Love

32. The Playn Jayn - I Love You Like I Love Myself

33. Husker Du - Never Talking to You Again

34. Hüsker Dü - Don't Want to Know if You Are Lonely

35. Romeo Void - Love Is An Illness

36. The Godfathers - Love Is Dead

37. Kepi Ghoulie - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend


D. said…
Good stuff here. One of my favorites in this category is Jill Sobule's "Love is Never Equal", with Steve Earle.
I usually go for a mix of pro and con with love songs. It's the whole "music or the misery" thing.

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