The Ledge #609: New Releases Pt. 1

Once again, the monthly new release show has to be expanded into a two-part extravaganza. 2023 is seriously shaping up to be a wonderful year for new music, as evidence not only by tonight's show but all of our new release broadcasts so far this year.

As always, we have some tracks by "friends" of the show (Rob Moss, Dave Strong, Robbie Quine, Friends of Cesar Romero and others), some longtime faves (The Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Laura Jane Grace, Keith Richards, etc.) and quite a few relative newcomers (Shadow Show, Mala Vista, Faz Waltz, and so much more).

But this episode also includes a couple of tunes by a record that could quite possibly end up being my favorite record of the year, the self-titled debut album by The Sleeveens on Dirtnap Records. This is the dirty garage/punk record I've been crdaving for quite some time, and I hope you folks all love it as much as I do. 

And once again I have a late entry to the "Teenage Kicks" cover series, thanks to a fellow DJ who sent me a version set to be released in April by Canadian Music Hall of Famer Lee Aaron. The Undertones tune is part of a covers album titled "Tattoo Me", which also includes remakes of songs by Elastica, Led Zeppelin, Nina Simone, and Elton John. Yeah, quite an odd assembly of songs.


1. Lee Aaron - Teenage Kicks

2. Rob Moss and Skin-Tight Skin - You and Time

3. Dave Strong - Where Should I Go

4. Robbie Quine - Two Of Hearts

5. Mala Vista - 9 Ball

6. Shadow Show - Your Fantasy

7. Shadow Show - Mystic Spiral

8. The Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Sometimes Late At Night

9. The Hillbilly Moon Explosion - 1979

10. The Sleeveens - Give My Regards to The Dancing Girls

11. The Sleeveens - Dry Cider

12. Faz Waltz - The Way You Roll

13. Faz Waltz - Good Lovin'

14. Laura Jane Grace - Hole In My Head

15. Laura Jane Grace - Punk Rock In Basements

16. Mary Timony - Summer

17. Pouty - Virgos Need More Love

18. The Freeloaders - Don't Fuck Me Up (With Peace and Love)

19. Spiral Heads - One of My Dreams

20. Scaners - No Return

21. The Electromagnates - Airwave Hello

22. Christy Costello - Uranium Baby

23. Gen and the Degenerate - Girls!

24. COLD CREAM - Cactus Wife

25. Sheer Mag - Eat It and Beat It

26. Grazia - Speed Freak

27. Smalltown Tigers - Meet Me In The City

28. The Cynz - Crow Haired Boys

29. Kickboy - Sanitized

30. Hammered Saint - Taylor Swift

31. Friends of Cesar Romero - More Like Norman Fucking Mailer

32. Friends of Cesar Romero - I Believe In Her Science

33. Worse Off - Dislike, Unsubscribe

34. Keith Richards - I'm Waiting For The Man


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