The Ledge #613: First Quarter Recap

During the process of putting together tonight's look back at the first three months of 2024 I suddenly realized that just by looking through the January and February releases I already had more than enough tunes for a two hour show. That's without even taking a look at a jampacked March! 

Obviously, that means I had to cut out quite a few fave songs for tonight's show. My suggestion is for everyone to go back and listen to the new release episodes of the last three months to check out anything missed in tonight's broadcast.

It has been a great year for music, although I confess that I say this each and every year. But the fact is that those who complain that rock and roll was only great in their teen years are just plain wrong. That's a "you" problem. There's something for everyone tonight - ferocious punk, hookladen power pop, a blast or two back to roots rock. There's brand new bands and grizzled veterans. Take a chance and give them a shot!


1. The Silent Treatment - First World Problems

2. Shadow Show - Your Fantasy

3. Waxahatchee - Ice Cold

4. The Hillbilly Moon Explosion - Sometimes Late At Night

5. The Paranoid Style - I Love the Sound of Structured Class

6. Sarah Shook & the Disarmers - Motherfucker

7. Daniel Romano - Where's Paradise

8. David Nance - Mock the Hours

9. Brent Seavers - Of Poetry

10. Lorne Behrman - The Blue Goes on Forever

11. Ducks Ltd. - Cathedral City

12. Apollo Ghosts - Faded Neil Young Shirt

13. Marc Valentine - Tyrannical Wrecks

14. Mala Vista - 9 Ball

15. Ty Segall - Reflections

16. Charles Moothart - Hold On

17. Meatbodies - They Came Down

18. IDLES - Hall & Oates

19. J Mascis - Can’t Believe We're Here

20. The Jesus And Mary Chain - Venal Joy

21. The Bevis Frond - Gods' Gift

22. TH' LOSIN STREAKS - Me 'n' Z

23. Faz Waltz - The Way You Roll

24. The Sleeveens - Give My Regards to The Dancing Girls

25. Acumen - Hocus Pocus

26. Dartz - Gender Reveal Burnout

27. The Blamers - Sex Trail

28. Christy Costello - Uranium Baby

29. KRYYE - Sanda Duval

30. Sheer Mag - Eat It and Beat It

31. Pouty - Virgos Need More Love

32. Smalltown Tigers - In A Dream (With A Fool Like You)

33. Spiral Heads - Don't Wanna See You Around

34. Pleasants - Interwebs (Sex, Drugs 'n' Theft)

35. Split System - The Wheel

36. Jittery Jack with Amy Griffin on Guitar - Avid Indoorsman

37. His Lordship - I'm So Bored Of Being Bored


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