The Ledge #612: Once Again Some Odds And Ends

This is another of those shows inspired primarily by what I've been listening to around the house. But it's not just records this time, as the inspiration is coming from all sorts of media forms. The first main set, for instance, was inspired by the "Great Plains" section of Steven H. Gardner's excellent Another Tuneless Racket: Punk and New Wave In the Seventies, Volume 5, The American Beat West. In late 70s Kansas City, there was a shortlived but extremely influential label called Titan Records. Gardner profiles the label, the principal owners, and the artists whose records were released in their short lifespan. 

Also represented in tonight's show is music from the legendary label, Good Vibrations. No, it's not Beach Boys-related. Good Vibrations was a Belfast record store and label that existed in the late 70s, and is most known for discovering and releasing the first Undertones single, "Teenage Kicks". I suggest that all music fans head right away to Freevee and watch the wonderful film, Good Vibrations. If you love the tunes of that era, you'll enjoy this film as much as I did

The rest of the show consists of records I've thrown on my turntable the last couple of weeks, from 1968's Disposable album by The Deviants to last fall's latest record by The Dwarves, Concept Album. There's also some late 70's punk (The Vibrators, Suicide Commandos) and "new wave" (Boomtown Rats, Graham Parker), lots of 80s college rock (The Feelies, Del Fuegos, The Cult), and some fabulous recently-reissued garage rock from Subsonics. There's a little something for anyone with good taste!


1. The Exploding Hearts - Modern Kicks 

2. Gary Charlson - Brown Eyes

3. J.P. McClain & The Intruders - Just Another Pop Song

4. The Secrets - It's Your Heart Tonight

5. Gems - Save Your Money

6. The Boys - On a Night Like This

7. Rudi - Big Time

8. The Undertones - Smarter Than U

9. The Outcasts - The Cops Are Comin'

10. Terri & the Terrors - Laugh At Me

11. The Del Fuegos - Don't Run Wild

12. Buffalo Tom - Sunflower Suit

13. Pixies - Hang on to Your Ego (John Peel Session 11th June 1990)

14. Beat Rodeo - Twin Home Towns

15. Suicide Commandos - Real Good Time Together

16. Suicide Commandos - Complicated Fun

17. Suicide Commandos - She

18. The Queers - Valleri

19. The Queers - (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone

20. The Deviants - Somewhere to Go

21. The Cult - Spiritwalker

22. Redd Kross - Play My Song

23. Milk 'n' Cookies - Not Enough Girls (In The World) (2nd version)

24. Graham Parker & The Rumour - Endless Night

25. The Boomtown Rats - Rat Trap

26. The Vibrators - Into The Future....

27. The Lemonheads - Strange

28. Pavement - Kennel District

29. Subsonics - Voodoo Doll

30. Subsonics - Subway Pink

31. The Feelies - Too Far Gone

32. The Feelies - What Goes On

33. The Dwarves - We Will Dare


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