Finally, I have this page (sort of) figured out.

There's definitely something wrong with me. Every day I seem to find myself watching something on the tube that is nothing short of appalling. Tonight I'm forcing myself to watch American Idol. My God, what a train wreck! How did this show become one of the most-watched shows on television? No wonder the radio airwaves are derived of talent.

First off, Paula Abdul needs to go away. Far, far away. How can someone who was sued for not singing on her records judge talent? Randy Jackson isn't much better. And I find that the Simon guy isn't nearly so "mean" as he's billed. Here's their typical attempt at judging - Randy says the "dawg's" got it. Abdul repeats what he said, and Simon then adds a bit of a voice of reason. Then the "talent" responds to Simon, which has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard. My least favorite response - "let's see you do what we're doing". You don't have to be a singer to pick out soul-less, off-key performances performed by plastic people with no personality.

And let's not forget that horrific host. Up With People on crack. Jesus, right now they're singing "Footloose". I thought I'd never have to endure that song ever again. I've seen high school choruses with more soul.

Enough of this garbage - it's time to change the channel. Are we dropping bombs yet? I remember the moment the first war with Iraq started. I was still married at the time, and like the rest of the world we had CNN on. I'll never forget the green streaks on the night vision screen. Although the war really had little effect on my life, at the time it felt like the world was changing...we were scared. I'm sure I'll have those same feelings this time. Actually, they'll probably be a bit worse, as the world is much less stable than it was back then. I just hope that it's over quickly, and that it doesn't cause the rest of the world to hate us even more than they already do.

On a happier note, everyone should go out and buy the new Libertines album. As I stated before, it's produced by the Clash's Mick Jones, and he did a great job. It sounds like it was recorded in my living room, complete with a bum note here and there. The first couple of songs aren't that great, but around the fourth song I find myself in awe. Imagine the attitude of the Strokes mixed with the attack of the Clash, the energy of the Jam, and the pop skills of mid-60's British Invasion.

I just changed back to that silly talent show, and now they're butchering another awful 80's movie song - that I've Had the Time of My Life travesty. Why is this show so popular?


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