Interesting twists to some of the anti-war protests today. The so-called "liberal media" is being targetted by protesters for acting like cheerleading pawns of the Pentagon. What's interesting is that Fox News is left out of the protests...I guess it's a given how they're going to act. I have to agree - this around the clock coverage of ten minutes of action is way over-the-top. And our local news isn't doing much better. I predict by the end of the war every single family who has some kind of connection with the war will be profiled.

While we're on the subject, can something be done about the cutesy slogans they've come up with? I don't ever need to hear the phrases "shock and awe", "Operation Iraqi Freedom" or "Rolling Thunder" again (unless they're referring to Bob Dylan on the last example).

Today is what you'd call a wasted day. I awoke at 9 but don't get out of bed until after noon. I waste some time at the coffee shop (surprise, surprise) and the record store, and then take a nap and watch trash television the rest of the day. I'm supposed to go see a couple of bands tonight but I'm sure I'll do my usual habit of not showing. My day of non-activity has just been too exhausting.

NP: Joe Jackson's new album


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