We're now almost 24 hours into our "war" and I'm already sick of the tv coverage. There's just not enough going on yet to justify the non-stop broadcasting being put on by not only the cable news channels but the networks. You can only view the Baghdad skyline lighting up so many times, and all talking heads should be locked up until something legitimate happens.

Last night was just bizarre. The networks came on even before the forty million bucks worth of tax dollars were dropped on Saddam's house. Baghdad's skies barely lit up, and the little action there was happened miles away from the cameras. After an hour, I tried to escape to MTV for that silly reality show about frats and sororities but then they cut away to war "footage". What a joke. John Norris changed clothes every few minutes for a live update, but otherwise they just showed the same footage they've been showing for weeks. Somebody please tell the Weezer lookalike dude that just because he did a special in Kuwait he's not an expert on the subject. It was a joke. Why didn't they just chime in during commercial breaks that something was happening in Iraq and direct them to the channels that had some actual information?

By 11, the story was over for the night. CBS and NBC switched to Letterman and Leno; ABC showed a Jimmy Kimmell rerun after Saddam's is-it-live-or-Memorex appearance on Iraqi TV. I continued to watch CNN for awhile - of the three news channels they were by far the best.

I think for the next few days I'm just going to use Headline News as my television source. I'll tune in every hour or so for the latest news and then find something else to do.

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