Still not enough info. Ok, let's start with some questions. What do you think of the upcoming war? I'm personally against it - I think there's still plenty of other avenues that need to be explored before we begin a campaign that's destined to make the world hate us even more than before. Every bomb we drop will result in another potential terrorist.

What about music? This week was a cheap week for me. I bought the new Stephen Malkmus (it's ok, nothing special), the debut by the Libertines (buy it right now - it's produced by the Clash's Mick Jones) and Sounds Like Dresden, another noisy poppish band on the label owned by the leader of Bright Eyes. This is the first week in awhile where I haven't bought at least a half dozen discs...which is one of the reasons why few people see me out at night. After dropping a hundred bucks a week on CD's, who can afford to hit the bars?


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