The Ledge #89: High On Stress

It doesn't happen often, but one of the highlights of doing my shows is when I get noticed by the artists I play on Live Ledge or Rural Ledge-ucation. This actually happened a few weeks ago when I first played a track off Living Is a Dying Art, the new album by Minneapolis roots-rockers High On Stress.
Of course, I had to take advantage of this contact, and I quickly invited the band for an interview on The Ledge. A few days ago, the entire band - Nick Leet (guitar/vocals), Mark Devaraj (drums), Jim Soule (bass/backing vocals), and Chad Wheeling (guitar) - gathered together for the typical stupid questions I ask all guests. Besides talking about the band's history, the Minneapolis music scene, and their relationship with former Replacements guitarist Slim Dunlap, the band also chose the tunes for this week's show. A big thank goes out to these guys for participating in my dumb little show.
As always, there are a number of ways to hear this episode. Besides the Android/iPhone Ledge app, the show can be found in iTunes or on Stitcher, or


1. High on Stress, These Days Are Gone
2. Jets to Brazil, Sweet Avenue
3. Elliott Smith, Bled White
4. Whiskeytown, 16 Days
5. Tommy Keene, Today & Tomorrow
6. The Replacements, Color Me Impressed
7. The  Who, Substitute
8. Big Star, Thirteen
9. They Might Be Giants, Ana Ng
10. Nirvana, Lithium
11. Johnny Cash, I Walk The Line
12. The Beatles, I Saw Her Standing There
13. Foo Fighters, Everlong
14. High On Stress, Figure Eights


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