Rural Ledge-ucation #51: Easter! Mitch Easter, That Is!

If you were a fan of jangly 80's college rock, the odds are that you have at least a few releases that feature Mitch Easter's name. Besides leading bands such as The Sneakers and Let's Active, Easter was the go-to guy for alternative power pop bands not only in the 80's but up to the current day. Today's show celebrates Easter by collecting some of the highlights of his production and performance career. Grab this via the usual methods, and if you utilize iTunes please leave a review, or...


1. Let's Active, Sweepstakes Winner
2. The Sneakers, Condition Red
3. The Sneakers, Decline and Fall
4. Chris Stamey, Cara Lee
5. Don Dixon, Praying Mantis
6. R.E.M., Sitting Still
7. R.E.M., (Don't Go Back To) Rockville
8. Dinosaur Jr., Whatever's Cool With Me
9. Pavement, Shady Lane - J vs. S
10. Bobby Sutliff, Always Love You
11. Tim Lee, I Wanna Believe
12. The Windbreakers, Just Fine
13. Pylon, Crazy
14. Love Tractor, I Broke My Saw
15. The Connells, Try
16. Marshall Crenshaw, Little Wild One (No. 5)
17. Mitch Easter, Valleri
18. Game Theory, I Want To Hold Your Hand
19. Mitch Easter & Angie Carlson, Kizza Me
20. Ride, Black Nite Crash
21. Kimberley Rew, Stomping All Over The World
22. The Hummingbirds, Word Gets Around
23. Velvet Elvis, When It Comes
24. Velvet Crush, Hold Me Up
25. The Mockers, More Import Things
26. Big Troubles, She Smiles for Pictures
27. Let's Active, Talking To Myself


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