Live Ledge #63: Gorman Bechard

Anybody who somewhat regularly listens to any of The Ledge shows is aware that Color Me Obsessed director Gorman Bechard is about to start work on a documentary on former Husker Du drummer Grant Hart. Tonight, Gorman appears on Live Ledge to chat about not only that movie but the upcoming premier of What Did You Expect? The Archer of Loaf Concert Movie. 
The Hart movie looks to be unlike any "rock-doc" ever made. Bechard describes Hart as the "Robert McNamara" of rock 'n' roll, and the plan is to utilize the method used on McNamara in The Fog Of War. The doc will be nothing but Grant Hart, as he talks about not only his side of the Husker Du story but other elements of his interesting (and sometimes tragic) life and career.

As he has on his last two movies, Bechard is utilizing Kickstarter to fund this project, and if you want to help (please do) head over to Every Everything to back what should be one of the great music movies in quite some time. The best part of Kickstarter? Every pledge has a reward, from a "thanks" in the credits to artwork and/or dinner with Grant. There's only seven days left to pledge, so head over there NOW!
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1. David Bowie, Starman (Top of The Pops Version)  
2. The Clash, London Calling (2012 Mix) 
3. Devo, Girl U Want  
4. The Specials, Gangsters  
5. Ty Segall & White Fence, Crybaby Hair 
6. Cobra Verde, Teenage Kicks 
7. The Sunburns, Hate the World 
8. The White Wires, Just Wanna Be With You  
9. Diamond Rugs, Hungover and Horny 
10. Deer Tick, Born At Zero  
11. Waco Brothers, Great Chicago Fire  
12. Gentleman Jesse, I'm Only Lonely 
13. The Men, Turn It Around  
14. Archers Of Loaf, What Did You Expect? (Merge 7" Version) 
15. Cloud Nothings, Stay Useless  
16. Grant Hart, 2541  
17. Husker Du, Never Talking To You Again 
18. Elvis Costello & The Imposters, Heart Of The City 
19. The Replacements, Customer (Alternate Take)  
20. The Gruesomes, Unchain My Heart  
21. The Revellions, Down On Your Luck  
22. Stoneage Hearts, Rock 'n' Roll Boys Rock 'n' Roll Girls 
23. The Lonesome Savages, The Train Kepy A-Rollin' 
24. T. Tex Edwards, Have You Ever Spent The Night In Jail? 


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