Rural Ledge-ucation #52: Tax Deductible

Yes, I realize that this year's tax day is on Tuesday, April 17. Most years, however, April 15 is the day of sadness - the day when you have to file your taxes and quite possibly write a check you pray will clear the bank. Today's show collects tracks that unites many genres of music - it doesn't matter if you're a country, punk, blues, or mainstream rock band. You're at some point going to be upset about your taxes. Granted, The Who's whine in "Success Story" is a tad more self-serving than Johnny Paycheck or Sharon Jones, but nobody except for Warren Buffett has a smile on their face after a visit from the tax man.
I won't go over the usual drill on how to download this show, except for those that want to grab it directly from this site. In that case,


1. The Beatles, Taxman
2. Johnny Cash, After Taxes
3. Johnny Paycheck, Me And The I.R.S.
4. Todd Snider, Fortunate Son
5. The Byrds, I Wanna Grow Up to Be a Politician
6. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes
7. Robert Cray, 1040 Blues
8. Billy Bragg, Ideology
9. The Mendoza Line, Tax Me
10. The Kinks, Sunny Afternoon
11. Ten Years After, I'd Love To Change The World
12. The Who, Success Story
13. Cheap Trick, Taxman Mr. Thief
14. Talking Heads, Don't Worry About The Government
15. The Jam, Pretty Green
16. Spoon, Government Darling
17. NILS, Tax Office Incident
18. Bad Religion, Voice of God Is Government
19. The Unknowns, Tax-Deductible
20. F.U.2, Tax Exile
21. Cannibals, Axe The Tax
22. The Music Machine, Taxman


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