New Music

Note: I've had some trouble hosting music files. Hopefully, a change in hosts has fixed this problem.

Earlimart - First Instant, Last Resort

On previous albums, Earlimart was most influenced by the Pixies and X. Their new album, Treble and Tremble, is a bit of a tribute to the late, great Elliot Smith (leader Aaron Espinoza reportedly lived next door to Smith). Acoustic guitars and whispered vocals are accompanied by keys, cellos, and other orchestral flourishes. Critics may complain that this album sounds too much like Smith, but to these ears it's a great homage.

Paul Westerberg - Be Bad For Me

A bonus tune on the European version of Folker. Not the greatest Westerberg tune, but completists such as me still has to town it.

Green Day - Governator

I broke down and checked out Itunes. I'm not a huge fan, mainly because I want a physical copy of anything that I purchase, and their restrictions on my usage of the tunes I buy is a bit over the top. But I did find some live Morrissey and Elvis Costello, and this rare Green Day tune that pokes a bit of fun at that idiot actor/governor in California.

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