Paul Pilgrimage: Heading Home

The day I wasn't looking for - missing the last show of the stand. Once again, we woke up way too early. At least we knew this time that we weren't going to find any food in downtown Minneapolis. We checked out of the hotel and headed over to First Avenue to take a few shots in front of our favorite "stars". Traci chose the Cure, Semisonic and Trip Shakespeare. I picked Wilco, Camper Van Beethove, and, of course, the Replacements. We then headed up to the Uptown Bar for some greasy food and a bloody mary before hitting the road to Sioux Falls.

The Uptown is the greatest restaurant to cure hangovers. The server even helped pick out a cure for what ailed me. We had a relaxing meal, bought a few mugs, and headed out of town.

I knew this would happen, but we missed a legendary show. Paul destroyed a couple of guitars, sang "I Will Dare" in the front row, and ended with off-the-cuff covers of "Rebel Rebel" and Led Zep's "Rock 'n' Roll". We should have stayed in town.

But I have no regrets. It was a perfect weekend, and I'm happy I shared that time with the one person that means the world to me (outside of my son, of course). Absolutely nothing went wrong; there were no moments that I hated my life. Those kind of extended periods don't happen very often anymore.

Thanks to the Man Without Times message board, here's what I missed on Sunday evening:

Paul Westerberg and the Painkillers *
7 November 2004
Pantages Theater - Minneapolis, MN
* = Kevin Bowe (guitars, vocals), Jim Boquist (bass, vocals), Michael Bland (drums)

Waiting On Somebody
Kiss Me On the Bus
I Think I Love You (Partridge Family cover)
My Dad
Mr. Rabbit (Bowe on mandolin)
Making Me Go
Let the Bad Times Roll
No Place For You
As Far As I Know
High Time
Little Mascara
Lush and Green (solo acoustic 12 string)
Crackle and Drag (solo acoustic 12 string)
Skyway (solo acoustic 12 string)
Customer (fragment) (acoustic 12 string with band)
Lookin' Up in Heaven (w/ snippet of Sadly Beautiful) (acoustic 12 string with band)
How Can You Like Him? (acoustic 12 string with band)
What a Day (For a Night) (acoustic 12 string with band)
Love Untold (electric 12 string with band)
I Will Dare (electric 12 string with band)
Alex Chilton
Left of the Dial

Here Comes a Regular (solo acoustic)
Born For Me (solo acoustic)
Swinging Party
Can't Hardly Wait
Lost Highway (Hank Williams cover)
All Over Again (aka I've Got a Mind to Give Up Living) (trad blues) (w/ false start)
Rebel Rebel (David Bowie cover)
Sweet Virginia (Rolling Stones cover) (aborted)
Rock 'n' Roll (Led Zep cover)
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