The Ledge, Episode 61: Girls

It's no secret that I'm a fan of the female form. With that in mind, what took me 61 episodes to get to an entire show devoted to songs about women? I have no answer for that, but to make up for this discrepancy this show is the first of three devoted to songs about the ladies. This show is part one, and consists entirely of songs about "girls" in general. More of these types of tunes will be played on Live Ledge Episode 5 this Friday on Realpunkradio (5 pm central), along with songs about specific girls. Next week's Ledge will be part three of this series, and will consist entirely of songs with girl's names in the titles.

Download this episode here

Here's the tracklist:

1. Dwight Twilley, Girls

2. The Beat, Rock & Roll Girl

3. Dead Milkmen, Punk Rock Girl

4. White Stripes, Fell in Love With a Girl

5. Guided By Voices, Glad Girls

6. The Lime Spiders, Slave Girl

7. Celibate Rifles, Groupie Girl

8. Cheap Trick, Southern Girls

9. Suicide Commandos, She

10. Pavement, Summer Babe

11. The Stone Roses, She Bangs the Drum

12. Graham Parker, Local Girls

13. Elvis Costello, Party Girl

14. Squeeze, Goodbye Girl

15. The Kingbees, Fast Girls

16. Eels, Spectacular Girl

17. CraCker, Eurotrash Girl

18. Matthew Sweet, Girlfriend

19. Phoenix, Girlfriend

20. Joe Strummer, Coma Girl

21. Jonathon Richman, Vampire Girl

22. The Replacements, Achin' to Be

23. Slim Dunlap, Girlfriend

24. The Only Ones, Another Girl Another Planet

25. Big Star, September Gurls

26. Big Star, I'm In Love With a Girl

27. Jesus & Mary Chain, My Girl

28. Dave Edmunds, Girls Talk

29. Neil Young, Cinnamon Girl


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