Rant a Bit, Episode 6

Scott Ehrisman and I should have never taken so much time between episodes. Too much has happened in the past two months, and it's next to impossible to get everything covered in a two-hour span...especially with our big mouths.

So tune into this episode to hear our thoughts on a hundred different topics, from the uprisings in Egypt to fucktards turning Pierre into a joke. Yes, we do touch on the insipid handgun legislation.

Keeping us in line in this episode are two great guests. Cory Heidelberger is the publisher of the Madville Times, an entertaining blog based out of Madison. Mark Millage is the former news director of KELO-TV, and may be running to replace Bob Litz on the Sioux Falls City Council.

The episode can be found in iTunes, at mevio, or directly download it here.


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