Live Ledge #184: Lydia Loveless

When director Gorman Bechard confided to me a few weeks ago that his next project was going to be a documentary on singer/songwriter Lydia Loveless, I begged him to set up a Live Ledge interview. After all, her latest album, "Somewhere Else", topped my 2014 list of the year's best records.
Bechard came through, and the resulting chat is one of the most enjoyable interviews I've ever had. Lydia chatted about her childhood, songwriting, life on the road, and the plans for the next record. Loveless also curated the eclectic playlist for tonight's show, which flows from classic Motown to Americana, with a bit of current electronic pop thrown in at the end.
Bechard is also on hand, and he chats about how he discovered Lydia's music, and what he hopes to showcase with this project. For more information, head over to the "Who Is Lydia Loveless?" kickstarter page.
This is a must-listen, and you can grab it via iTunes or Stitcher, or...


Here are Lydia's music selections:

1. Lydia Loveless, Mile High
2. Tammi Terrell, All I Do Is Think of You
3. Alison Krauss, This Time the Dream's On Me
4. Paul Collins, Hurting's On My Side
5. Ash, Lost In You
6. John Moreland, Nobody Gives a Damn About Songs Anyore
7. Richard Lindgren, Back to Brno
8. Fort Shame, Sundowner
9. Total Foxxx, Toothless and Vile
10. Swearengens, Tonight You'll Be Breaking
11. Sky Ferreira, 24 Hours
12. Phantogram, Fall In Love
13. Lydia Loveless, Crazy


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