Live Ledge #257: Forgotten Treasures

I've stated a few times on recent shows that I'm in the long, boring process of cleaning up my iTunes. Of course, Apple doesn't help much in these kinds of activities, as iTunes becomes clunkier and clunkier every year. As a great tweet recently stated, it's like Apple actively finds the people who care the least about music to design their music app.

Oh well. I know that will never get better, and don't get me started on the lack of headphone jacks on the new iPhones. So I've spent a lot of recent time attempting to clean up my music files. I've been deleting any duplicate albums, fixing a few tags, and anything else that could help me find some room on the crowded external hard drive(s) I use to store my music.

I've made it to the "R's", and one of the great things about this project is that I'm discovering bands, albums, and songs that I've completely forgot about. There's plenty of records that I've downloaded and added to my library but have only sampled a few tracks. Or they received a lot of initial play but have gotten lost in the shuffle in the last few years.

Tonight's show gathers a bunch of these types of tunes. To give you an example of just how forgetful I am, this show only features forgotten material fro the letters N-P. I guess it's safe to say tonight is the first in a series of broadcasts of this sort.

Like always, grab this from the usual sources - iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and the others. And maybe leave me a nice little review on iTunes if you enjoy this little show. Or...


1. Perfect, Making Of An Asshole
2. Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders, Small Town Rock Ain't Dead
3. New Salem Witch Hunters, New Curves in School
4. Nick Curran, Reform School Girl
5. The Original Sins, The Party's Over Now
6. Peter Zaremba's Love Delegation, Delegation Time
7. Payolas, Jukebox
8. The Pandoras, Hot Generation
9. Playmates Fine, Fine Day
10. Neo Boys, Abnormal Chick
11. Naked Ted, Nothing to Say
12. Pastor Dean, Long Cut
13. Oxford Comma, Noisy Ghost
14. No Direction, Beauty Part Two
15. No Direction, Michael Nydelski
16. The Rackateers, Chewed Down To The Bone
17. The Numbers, Partys
18. The Nelsons, Sister Sister
19. The Not Quite, Get Lost Girl
20. PARASITES, Love Me Too
21. The Nivens, Mr Spacema
22. The Neatbeats, Reelin' and Rockin'
23. Paranoiacs, I Think I love You
24. Nuisance, Brown Eyed Girl
25. Radio City, She's A Heartbreaker
26. The Put-Outs, Off Key
27. Radioactivity, Sickness
28. The Outnumbered, Why Are All The Good People Going Crazy
29. THE OGRES, Don't Tell Me No Lies
30. The Penetrators, Teenage Lifestyle
31. The Other Kids, Livin' Downtown
32. The Offhooks, Wild About You
33. Newton Neurotics, Get Up and Fight
34. Office Of Future Plans, The Loyal Opposition
35. The Phantom Surfers and Davie Allan, Sheena was a Punk Rocker


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