Live Ledge #258: More Forgotten Treasures

So what if I'm just copying myself? It's my show, dammit. Yes, it's another edition of tracks I forgot I owned...with some exceptions. Obvioiusly, I'm completely fluent in the I Don't Cares, the collaboration between Juliana Hatfield and Paul Westerberg. Since tonight's show consists of artists between I and K, I thought what the hell and grabbed a tune from "Wild Stab"
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1. Ian Hunter, Just Another Night
2. Ill Bill and the Spinal Chills, Billy Needs a Beer
3. Ill Bill and the Spinal Chills, Play With Me ("Jean Anne")
4. Jonathon E, I'm in Trouble
5. The Inspectors, Dead Girls Don't Say No
6. Ian McLagan, Little Troublemaker
7. The Inmates, Dirty Water
8. Keene Brothers, Where Other Fail
9. The I Don't Cares, Need The Guys
10. Jason Ringenberg, Honky Tonk Maniac From Mars
11. Jack Lee, Sex
12. Kimberley Rew, Stomping All Over The World
13. Josh Freese, I Wanna Cheat On My Girlfriend
14. The Jazz Butcher, Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present
15. Jack-O & The Tennessee Tearjerkers, Sweet Thang
16. The Intelligence, Sex
17. The Kingbees, My Mistake
18. Kent State, Behind Closed Doors
19. The Konks, Outta My Mind
20. Joyride, 24 Hours
21. Jacuzzi Boys, Happy Damage
22. King Kurt, Road To Rock `N` Ruin
23. The Jackals, Iron Horse
24. The In Crown, Things She Said
25. The Infections, Good as It Gets
26. Junk Monkeys, Marigold
27. The Jewws, You're Gonna Lose
28. King Louie's Missing Monuments, (It's Like) Xtc
29. Jesus Sons, I Wanna Be Your Man
30. The Jolt, Route 66
31. The Kwyet Kings, David Watts
32. The Kids, Hey Little Girl
33. The Jags, Back Of My Hand
34. Johnny And the Distractions, Let It Rock
35. Killer Pussy, Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage


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