Live Ledge #259: DBT's Patterson Hood

Tonight was quite the nightmare. I was all set to go live on Real Punk Radio. I had the songs put together in the order I wanted them aired, and I had logged on to the broadcast server.

That's when the problems started. My broadcast program decided it didn't like the order I had picked, and decided to just play whatever it wanted. After three unsuccessful attempts to go live, I had to give up. It just wasn't going to work.

Yet I was desperate to somehow put together a show for tonight. I had this fabulous interview with Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers, and I wanted my local pals to hear it before their Sunday Sioux Falls appearance with Lydia Loveless. So I went back to my early days of podcasting and put manually linked all of the tunes and the interview with short little announcing breaks I recorded as needed.

While I forgot what a pain in the ass it was to produce a show this way, I'm pretty proud of the results. Besides the interview and tracks from the DBT's new record, "American Band", I have brand new music by Tim Easton (who will be in Sioux Falls next Friday), Billy Bragg, The Coal Porters and so much more.

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Unknown said…
please never stop doing your show Scott, it's so fucking good

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