Live Ledge #256: New Releases

September - the greatest month of the year. The temps go down, the mood is more relaxed, and, most importantly, it's a fabulous time for new music. Everything that you've waited all summer to hear is finally being released to the stores and streaming services.
Tonight's show celebrates all the great music that's about to come out or has just been released. There's thew Wilco album, "Schmilco", scheduled to go out next Friday. There's also the long-awaited release by the Drive-By Truckers called "American Band." Plus, tons of other garage, punk, and pop-punk records. There's even a surprising return of The Wedding Present!
As always, you can grab this on iTunes, stream on Stitcher, or...


1. Basketball Shorts, Drive
2. Wilco, Nope
3. Wilco, We Aren't the World (Safety Girl)
4. Drive-By Truckers, Once They Banned Imagine
5. Drive-By Truckers, Ramon Casino
6. The Fleshtones, Love Like A Man
7. The Fleshtones, Rick Wakeman's Cape
8. The Higher State, Long Someways To Go
9. Shearwater, Boys Keep Swinging
10. Wireheads, Isabella Says
11. The Mahones, Punk Rock Saved My Life
12. The Mahones, Alternative Ulster
13. The Wedding Present, Two Bridges
14. The Wedding Present, Secretary
15. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, Bottled in Cork
16. Ty Segall, Wave Goodbye
17. Natural Child, Crack Mountain
18. Metz, Get Off
19. Sex Stains, Land of La LA
20. Sex Stains, Don't Hate Me 'Cuz I'm Beautiful
21. Wendy James, You're A Dirtbomb Lester
22. Gymshorts, Burrito
23. Thee Oh Sees, Dead Man's Gun
24. Thee Oh Sees, Gelatinous Cube
25. Jeff The Brotherhood, Juice Zone
26. Jeff The Brotherhood, Portugal
27. Descendents, Fighting Myself
28. Descendents, Comeback Kid
29. Descendents, Beyond the Music
30. Marc With a C, Ethics In Gaming
31. Chook Race, Sometimes
32. Frankie Teardrop, Stay Dumb
33. Cheena, Car
34. Bad Sports, Done To Death
35. Sleeping Beauties, Bobby & Suzie
36. Heaters, Elephant Turner
37. The Bouncing Souls, I Wanna Be Bored
38. Cymbals Eat Guitars, 4th of July Philadelphia (Sandy)


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