Live Ledge #268: Runner-Ups

Over the last few days, I've been frantically looking through everywhere I store music. Vinyl is spread out over my living room floor. Playlist after playlist has been created on iTunes. Releases I forgot existed were given a new shot to impress.

All of this, of course, is to put together my annual list of the 40 best records of the year. Next week I'll unveil that list, but tonight's show is nothing but releases that could have found a spot on the list. Albums that I took a very close look at in the last few days, but they just couldn't jump ahead of my final 40.

It's actually a pretty strong list on its own, and I'm sure any fans of garage, punk, alternative, and/or any other form of rock should be able to enjoy these two hours of tunes. Grab this from the usual sources, including iTunes, Stitcher, or...


1. Earwig, Wasted on You
2. The Blind Shake, I Shot All the Birds
3. Mrs Magician, Phantoms
4. The Backseat Angels, My Baby Wants To Brainwash My Mind
5. Connections, Month 2 Month
6. Berwanger, Exorcism Rock
7. Broncho, Jenny Loves Jenae
8. Personal And The Pizzas, Joey Quit The Pouch
9. The Dirty Nil, Wrestle Yu To Husker Du
10. Mind Spiders, Ulcer
11. Thee Oh Sees, Dead Man's Gun
12. Jeff The Brotherhood, Punishment
13. CFM, Brain of Clay
14. Wax Witches, Habit
15. Thee Attacks, Baby Baby
16. The See No Evils, Secrets In Me
17. The So So Glos, Dancing Industry
18. Cheena, Cry For Help
19. A Giant Dog, Creep
20. Frankie Cosmos, If I Had A Dog
21. Martha, Precarious (Supermarket Song)0
22. Pony Time, Really Nice Guys
23. Giant Peach, Your Blood
24. Terry Malts, Used to Be
25. Jeff Rosenstock, Festival Song
26. Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds, Coyote Conundrum
27. Mean Jeans, Long Dumb Road
28. Steve Adamyk Band, If I Wanted To
29. Sleeping Beauties, Meth
30. Choke Chains, Safe Word
31. Low Culture, I Feel Your Ghost
32. Danny & The Darleans, Outta My Way
33. Mannequin Pussy, Hey Steven
34. Bad Mongo,s I Fuck
35. The Julie Ruin, Record Breaker


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