Live Ledge #291: 1987 (Again)

A couple of months ago, I put together a collection of tracks for a show dedicated to 1987. That was such a momentous year for me personally that I ultimately had way too many songs for one show. Tonight empties the folder, but it's not truly leftovers. Knowing that I would do a followup sometime this year, I held back some of my favorite records of the year. The Ramones, X, Guadalcanal Diary, Big Black, and Scruffy the Cat are just a few of the artists who missed the cut in March.

Admittedly, I did also expand the folder a bit to include some more tracks by the  Replacements and Hoodoo Gurus. This show also includes a few 1987 songs that I didn't discover until years later, along with some Uncle Tupelo demos that saw wider release a few years later.

Grab this from the usual sources, or...


1. Hoodoo Gurus, What's My Scene
2. The Replacements, Route 66
3. The Replacements, Tossin' N' Turnin'
4. Run Westy Run, Mop It Up
5. The Contras, Cat's Tale
6. Guadalcanal Diary, Litany (Life Goes On)
7. Guadalcanal Diary, And Your Bird Can Sing
8. Big Dipper, She's Fetching
9. Wire Train, She Comes On
10. Scruffy the Cat, My Baby She's Allright
11. The Long Ryders, 10-5-60
12. Chris Stamey, Cara Lee
13. The dB's, Molly Says
14. The Cat Heads, Hangin' Around
15. X, 4th of July
16. X, I'm Lost
17. Ramones, I Wanna Live
18. Circle Jerks, Love Kills
19. The Fall, There's A Ghost In My House
20. Uncle Tupelo, Before I Break
21. Uncle Tupelo, I Got Drunk
22. The Junk Monkeys, Whaddaya Want?
23. Yo La Tengo, Clunk
24. The Cult, Lil' devil
25. Concrete Blonde, Still In Hollywood
26. Sonic Youth, Hot Wire My Heart
27. Big Black, The Model
28. Big Black, He's a Whore
29. Pixies, Ed Is Dead
30. The Lemonheads, Hate Your Friends
31. Blake Babies, Swill And The Cocaine Sluts
32. Thelonious Monster, Swan Song
33. Butthole Surfers, Human Cannonball
34. Angry Samoans, Electrocution
35. The Pogues, Sally MacLennane


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