Live Ledge #293: Best of 2017 (So Far)

What a great year for music! This has easily been a bonanza for music fans. Every week there seems to be a handful of fabulout rock, punk, and Americana.

With this being the last day of June, it seemed obvious to do a show based on the highlights of the year so far. Who knew this would turn out to be an almost 3 hour show? Tons of legends put out their best records in years (Ray Davies, John Wesleyl Harding, Wire, Son Volt), and they were accompanied by new acts just as strong (Buttertones, Tangerines, Courtneys).

And this is by no means a complete list. Many great records were set aside for this show, and this new release day saw more records that I didn't get a chance to sample before tonight's broadcast.

So please use this as a method to find brand new records. Then show your support by purchasing said records to guarantee that these acts can continue to create. That's how we keep this ball rolling.

As always, you can hit the little player on the sidebar to play this episode, or grab it via iTunes or Stitcher. Or...


1. Bash & Pop, On The Rocks
2. John Wesley Harding, I Don't Wanna Rock n Roll
3. Ray Davies, The Deal
4. Robyn Hitchcock, Virginia Woolf
5. The Feelies, Gone Gone Gone
6. Leeroy Stagger, Joe Strummer and Joey Ramone
7. Matthew Ryan, Battle Born
8. Kevin Morby, 1234
9. Craig Finn, Ninety Bucks
10. Jason Isbell, Anxiety
11. John Moreland, Sallisaw Blue
12. Justin Townes Earle, Champagne Corolla
13. Steve Earle & The Dukes, Lookin' for a Woman
14. Son Volt, Back Against the Wall
15. Ryan Adams, Prisoner
16. Old 97's, Bad Luck Charm
17. The Sadies, Another Season Again
18. Guided By Voices, Goodbye Note
19. Wire, Short Elevated Period
20. The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Two Of Us
21. Juliana Hatfield, Kellyanne
22. Coco Hames, Tiny Pieces
23. The Courtneys, Tour
21. The Regrettes, Hey Now
25. Sunshine & the Rain, I'm Not Your Girl
26. Ron Gallo, Young Lady, You're Scaring Me
27. Platinum Boys, New Kind of Love
28. The Cairo Gang, In the Heart of Her Heart
29. The Buttertones, Sadie's a Sadist
30. Ty Segall, Break A Guitar
31. Meatbodies, Alice
32. POW!, Necessary Call
33. Chain & the Gang, Certain Kinds of Trash
34. B Boys, Another Thing
35. Tangerines, You Look Like Something I Killed
36. Alex G, Proud
37. Warm Soda, Young in Your Heart


Anonymous said…
It's too late to turn back, here we go !

You're right Scott anything could happen in 2017.

Thank's for the nice six months show.

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