Live Ledge #300: New Releases

I had given some thought to making the 300th edition of Live Ledge an extra special event. But then I thought about how this is such a great year for music isn't every "new release" episode a show worth celebrating?

This month's version is no exception. There's all kinds of great tracks. Old faves such as The Dream Syndicate and The Forty Nineteens return with fabulous music, and there's newcomers such as Danny Dodge and The Side Eyes!

It's also the 30th anniversary of the Replacements' legendary visit to my little city in South Dakota, and I chat a little bit about my experiences as co-promoter of that magical evening

As always grab this via the usual sources, or...


1. Paul Westerberg, Surrounded by Morons
2. Dry Wood Garage, What the Gym Couldn't Do
3. Paul Westerberg, Oompa
4. Paul Westerberg, Come Hither
5. Alex Chilton, You're Looking Good
6. Alex Chilton, You're My Favorite
7. Danny Dodge, You Do You
8. Danny Dodge, You Need a Man Not a Hurrican'
9. Kelley Stoltz, I'm Here for Now
10. Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs, Talk 2 Her
11. Together Pangea, Sippy Cup
12. Together Pangea, Kenmore Ave.
13. The Dream Syndicate, Out Of My Head
14. The Dream Syndicate, 80 West
15. Filthy Friends, The Arrival
16. Filthy Friends, Makers
17. The Forty Nineteens, Easy Come Easy Go
18. The Forty Nineteens, Time Is On My Side
19. The Woggles, Luminol Test
20. Paint Fumes, Brick Wall
21. The Chinchees, Hey Boy
22. The Side Eyes, Cat Call
23. The Side Eyes, I Don't Want To Go To School
24. Jen Cloher, Forgot Myself
25. Roya, A Sickness
26. A Giant Dog, Angst In My Pants
27. Oh Sees, The Static God
28. The Memories, End Of The World
29. Zerodent, Soul Mender
30. The Improbables, I Don't Need A Thing
31. Pow Wows, Satan's Choice
32. Davie Allan & The Arrows, Rebel On The Run
33. Crocodile Tears, Back Alley Boys


Anonymous said…
Zerodent said…
Thanks for playing Zerodent!
Zerodent said…
Thanks for playing our song!

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