Live Ledge #303: Number Nine

The track number show is a gimmick I've used from time to time over the last couple of years. Generally coinciding with whatever month it's originally broadcast, it's a fun way to investigate why certain songs are in specific spots on my favorite records.

I had already done a "number nine" show last September, but I decided as it's almost the end of the month why not do it again? Now this isn't a "best" track nine show. Certainly there are some of my favorite records of all time here, but I'm focusing on relatively new records by the likes of Bash and Pop, Juliana Hatfield, Ty Segall, and many others.

Yet I couldn't resist with some classics. "9-9" off R.E.M.'s Murmur, "I Hate Music" and "Left of the Dial" from the Replacements' "Sorry Ma" and "Tim". "Everything's Gone" by Lydia Lovelesss. "Dead Flowers" by the Stones. Ok, I'll stop there. You get the picture.

Grab this supersized show from the usual spots, including iTunes and Stitcher, or...


1. R.E.M., 9-9
2. The Replacements, I Hate Music
3. The Replacements, Left Of The Dial
4. Paul Westerberg, Kickin' The Stall 
5. Paul Westerberg, What About Mine?
6. Bash & Pop, He Means It
7. Bash & Pop, Anytime Soon
8. Slim Dunlap, King & Queen
9. Slim Dunlap, Nowheres Near
10. Two Cow Garage, Beauty in the Futility
11. John Wesley Harding, The Wilderness Years
12. Old 97's, Drinkin' Song
13. The Rolling Stones, Dead Flowers
14. Lydia Loveless, Everything's Gone 
15. Courtney Barnett, Debbie Downer
16. Juliana Hatfield, Wonder Why
17. HINDS, San Diego
18. Baby Shakes, Johnny Let Go
19. The Muffs, I Need A Face
20. Waxahatchee, No Question
21. Sleater Kinney, Hey Darling 
22. The Courtneys, Mars Attacks
23. L.A. WITCH, Get Lost 
24. Guided By Voices, Pearly Gates Smoke Machine
25. Ty Segall, Take Care (To Comb Your Hair)
26. Audacity, Previous Cast
27. Twin Peaks, Making Breakfast 
28. Ramones, Swallow My Pride
29. Rancid, Ruby Soho
30. Descendents, Smile
31. Teenage Bottlerocket, Can't Quit You
32. Superchunk, Half a Life
33. Warm Soda, Gumdrop
34. CTMF, When I Think About You
35. Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind, Till It's All Gone
36. Patti Smith, Nine


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