Live Ledge #302: Grant Hart

I think everybody was shocked by the news that former Husker Du drummer Grant Hart passed away this week. As much as I love his former bandmate Bob Mould, it's Grant's songs that were my main highlights. Songs like "Diane", "Green Eyes", "Sorry Somehow", and so many more.

Obviously, his death set the stage for a show dedicated to him. Along with some Husker Du classics, there are quite a few songs from his solo and Nova Mob years. Topping things off are fantastic covers of Husker Du classics, many culled from a late-90's compilation of Twin Cities bands covering the entire "Zen Arcade" album.

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1. The Posies, Grant Hart
2. Grant Hart, 2541
3. Grant Hart, Come Come
4. Grant Hart, All of My Senses
5. Nova Mob, Shoot Your Way To Freedom
6. Nova Mob, Over My Head
7. Grant Hart, So Far from Heaven
8. Husker Du, Data Control
9. Husker Du, Statues
10. Husker Du, Drug Party
11. Husker Du, Writer's Cramp
12. The Mighty Mofos, Broken Home Broken Heart
13. Prest Asbestus, Never Talking to You Again
14. God's Favorite Band, Beyond the Threshold
15. Janitor Joe, What's Going On
16. Trip Shakespeare, Dead Set on Destruction
17. Zuzu's Petals, Standing By the Sea
18. Arcwelder, Whatever
19. The Blue Up?, Pink Turns to Blue
20. Jeremy Porter & The Tucos, Erase Today
21. Marshall Crenshaw, 2541
22. Big Dipper, Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill (Live)
23. Superdrag, Diane
24. Catherine Wheel, Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely
25. Gigantor, Green Eyes
26. Monographic, Sorry Somehow
27. Upset Noise, It's Not Funny Anymore
28. Corrosive Water, It´s Not Funny Anymore
29. Crow Bait, Dead Set On Destruction
30. Husker Du, Sunshine Superman
31. Husker Du, Love Is All Around
32. The Replacements, Something to Du


Matthew Tomich said…
Some sincere love here.

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