Live Ledge #305: More New Releases

I must be honest here. One of the main reasons I've continued my monthly new release episode into a second week is so I can play more tracks from the new live Replacements album and the upcoming Husker Du box.

But it's not the only reason. The fact is that after last week's "normal" show of brand new music, I had a good hour or so of tunes that I didn't get a chance to play. So why not carry those over to a second show, and fill up the time with more tracks from those two favorite releases? I still had so much music, though, that tonight's show went a little bit into overtime.

Look at these records I didn't get a chance to air. A new Lydia Loveless singles collection. Brand new albums by JD McPherson, Wand, The Church, and The Bronx. New discoveries of bands like Stag, Protomartyr, and Datenight.

It's really been an exceptional year for rock and roll, and the best way to discover this is by the monthly Live Ledge new release shows. If you enjoy any of these tracks, please purchase them. If you happen to come into contact with these bands through social media or live appearances, please let them know that you discovered them through this show. It does help a lot when artists are told we're helping to promote them.

As always, this show can be grabbed at most of the usual podcast sources, including iTunes and Stitcher, or...


1. Carla Bruni, Jimmy Jazz
2. The Replacements, Unsatisfied
3. The Replacements, Can't Hardly Wait
4. The Replacements, I'm in Trouble
5. The Replacements, Baby Strange
6. The Replacements, Nowhere Man
7. Husker Du, Truth Hurts 
8. Husker Du, Diane
9. Husker Du, It's Not Funny Anymore
10. Hüsker Dü, Won't Change
11. Lydia Loveless, Boy Crazy
12. Lydia Loveless, Mile High
13. Deer Tick, Mr. Nothing Gets Worse
16. Wand, Bee Karma
17. Wand, High Rise
18. The Church, Before the Deluge
19. The Wedding Present, Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft
20. The Bronx, Night Drop At The Glue Factory
21. The Bronx, Side Effects
22. The Lords of Altamont, Been Broken
23. The Lords of Altamont, Fever Fix
24. Wolf Alice, Yuk Foo
25. Beaches, Void
26. L.A. WITCH, Untitled
27. Datenight, It Goes Around
28. Honey Wage, Agreement 
29. METZ, Cellophane
30. Protomartyr, Caitriona
31. Michael Beach, You Were A Mirror
32. The Two Tens, Crushed Me
33. Shake Some Action!, I Don't Think So
34. Stag, Bedazzler
35. Chain & The Gang, Rome Wasn't Burned In a Day


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