Live Ledge #307: Halloween Hootenanny

As long as I've been doing podcasts I've had a Halloween episode. Punk rock and Halloween go together so well that there's a never-ending catalog of potential songs. Sure, there may be a track or two that was played in previous Halloween editions, but for the most part I try to make each show as unique as possible.

This year's edition is tremondously helped by a new compilation called "Punk Rock Halloween", which features two dozen old school punk bands with new and old tracks. Tonight's show features a handful of songs from this disc, including the UK Subs, The Members, and The Adolescents.

There's also quite a few songs from the great garage days of the 60's, and some new favorites by The Buttertones, Chain and the Gang, and Slushy.

I also announced a giveaway to the November 29 Minneapolis appearance of Guttermouth, The Koffin Katc, Gallows Band, and The Atom Age. If you're interested in going, please leave a comment here or send an email to paulisded @ gmail dot com.

I expect all of you to blast this show at full volume as you hand out your goodies. If you have an Alexa, just tell her to play "The Ledge at Tune-In". Or you can grab it via iTunes or Stitcher, or...


1. Zacherle, Halloween Hootenanny 
2. Jeremy Messersmith, Organ Donor
3. The Sadies, The Creepy Butler 
4. Bobby Bare, Vampira
5. Chance Halliday, Bury Me Deep 
6. Kenny & the Fiends, The Raven
7. The Fleshtones, "I Was A Teenage Zombie" Theme
8. Legendary Shack Shakers, Frankenstein's Mother
9.  The Buttertones, Ghost Safari
10. Southern Culture On The Skids, Werewolf
11. The Swingin' Neckbreakers, No Costume No Candy
12. 999, Everyday's Like Halloween
13. The Misfits, Mad Monster Party
14. Dwarves, Devil's Level
15. UK Subs, I Walked With A Zombie
16. The Meteors, Chainsaw Boogie 
17. The Adolescents, Black Kiss
18. The Vibrators, Creatures Of The Night
19. Chain & The Gang, Don't Scare The Ghost Away
20. A For Effort, Monster Mash
21. Sylvain Sylvain, There's Something Wrong
22. Walter Lure, Black Cat Woman
23. Dick Dale, Death Tube
24. Guttermouth, Ain't Life A Bitch
25. The Koffin Kats, Bad Apple
26. Gallows Bound, Empty Flask Empty Heart
27. The Atom Age, Kill Surf City
28. Kreeps, Funeral Home Blues
29. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet, Shake Some Evil
30. The Grim Reapers, Two Souls
31. The Ebb-Tides, Seance 
32. Slushy, Teenage Frankenstein
33. Round Robin, I'm the Wolfman
34. The Riverboat Gamblers, Cheap Masks
35. The Members, Jack The Ripper
36. The Balboas, Green Death
37. The Mystrys, Witch Girl
38. The Legendary Invisible Men, Spooks Night Out
39. Bankrupt, Endless Halloween


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