Live Ledge #324: New Releases

We've all been patiently waiting for the new Sarah Shook & the Disarmers album. After all, Sarah's first record with the Disarmers was released way back in 2015 (although reissued on Bloodshot last year). The time has finally come, as Years is set to arrive in stores on April 6. Tonight's new release episode features a trio of great tracks from the record. And don't forget that Live Ledge friend Gorman Bechard will be releasing a documentary on the making of Years sometime this year.

Like the last few months, there are a ton of other new records. Another Live Ledge friend, Matthew Ryan, has a wonderful collection of demos and other previously unreleased tracks called Starling Unadorned coming out on March 7. Today saw the releases of new sets by Titus Andronicus, Ginger Wildheart, Amy Rigby, The Breeeders, and many others.

The last half hour or so of the show consisted of material from two great compilations. Manifesto Mix Tape, Vol. 2 is the latest from our Real Punk Radio brethren Greg Lonesome. The 27-track collection is free, so head HERE to download your copy.

For those in the Sioux Falls area, there's a great sampler of local and national acts that are collected to benefit Head to their bandcamp site to purchase either of the two Press On compilations.

If you like anything you hear on this, or any Live Ledge, please help the artist out by purchasing their music. If you can buy it directly from them, it would also be great if you informed them where you heard their music. This show can be found on iTunes and Stitcher, or...


1. Titus Andronicus, (I'm) Like a Rolling Stone
2. Matthew Ryan, Battle Born (Unadorned)
3. Matthew Ryan, Peace, Love & Murder (Previously Unreleased Song/Demo)
4. Ginger Wildheart, The Daylight Hotel
5. Ginger Wildheart, I Don't Wanna Work On This Song No More
6. Sarah Shook & the Disarmers, The Bottle Never Lets Me Down
7. Sarah Shook & the Disarmers, What It Takes
8. Sarah Shook & the Disarmers, Damned If I Do Damned If I Don't
9. Shannon & the Clams, The Boy
10. Shannon & the Clams, If You Could Know
11. The Regrettes, Red Light
12. The Orielles, Mango
13. Amy Rigby, On The Barricade
14. Superchunk, Break The Glass
15. Superchunk, Reagan Youth
16. Screaming Females, Black Moon
17. The Breeders, Archangel's Thunderbird
18. Moaning, Don't Go
19. JJ & The Real Jerks, Split Decision
20. Dead Meadow, Here with the Hawk
21. Kyle Craft, Fever Dream Girl
22. Hot Snakes, Death Camp Fantasy
23. Dwarves, Take Back the Night
24. Hockey Dad, I Wanna Be Everybody
25. The Men, Rose on Top of the World
26. The Lovesores, Blue Suede Collar
27. The Dirty Truckers, Like Him
28. The Ex-Gentlemen, Up in the Air
29. The Pitchafits!!, So Down
30. Beach Slang, Noisy Heaven
31. Charlie Siren, Jacksonville FL
32. Black Market Zach, As Long
33. Cute Kids, Punks
34. Mean Jeans, Taco Bell
35. Datenight, Poor Exchange
36. J.D. Wilkes, Bible Candle and a Skull
37. The Woolly Bushmen, Something New
38. The Lovely Eggs, Would You Fuck


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