Live Ledge #328: 1st Quarter Report

I'm introducing a new regular theme tonight. Every three months, why not put together a quarterly look at the best releases? It's a great way to revisit some of the fine music that may have gotten lost in the shuffle of new releases.

So tonight is a look back at records that came out between January and March of this year. It's been a pretty strong quarter, with some great returning veterans (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Yo La Tengo, Superchunk, Hot Snakes), fabulous singer/songwriter fare (Amy Rigby, Matthew Ryan), newcomers (Spice Boys, Ruby Boots, Camp Cope), and a few new discoveries (Soccer Mommy, Nap Eyes). 2018's year-end list should be pretty strong!

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1. The Walk Offs, Slim Dunlap
2. Camp Cope, The Opener
3. Soccer Mommy, Cool
4. Amy Rigby, On The Barricade
5. Ruby Boots, Believe in Heaven 
6. Car Seat Headrest, Cute Thing
7. Matthew Ryan, Lonesome Flare
8. Rich Show, Running Out
9. Yo La Tengo, For You Too
10. The LimiƱanas, Shadow People
11. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Spook
12. Nap Eyes, Every Time the Feeling
13. Bat Fangs, Turn It Up
14. The Breeders, Metagoth
15. Dream Wife, Hey Heartbreaker
16. Shannon & the Clams, Onion 
17. Guided By Voices, Space Gun
18. The Dean Ween Group, Fingerbangin' 
19. Superchunk, Erasure
20. Hot Snakes, Death Camp Fantasy
21. Ty Segall, Fanny Dog
22. The Men, Rose on Top of the World 
23. Mind Spiders, Outside
24. Titus Andronicus, Home Alone
25. Spice Boys, Spice City Boys
26. Salad Boys, Psych Slasher 
27. Kyle Craft, Fever Dream Girl
28. The Scrubs, Bue Eyed Rat
29. The Lovely Eggs, Would You Fuck
30. Dwarves, Forget me Not


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